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Not sure if you found someone or not but I used Shawn BAily in Clinton on High St. He was wonderful, very calm and dealt with all 3 of my car accidents, dealt with Dr's, insurance co, etc. I highly recommend him!
My SIL just had a beautiful baby an is very commited to nursing. Her nipples are very sore. The baby was born sunday, and is doing super with his latch, etc but it has been a while since I nursed a baby and I have forgotten alot. Any advice I could pass along to her?
I use Dr.Pinkerton at Meetinghouse Family Practice in Westminster. My whole family sees her. She is fantastic, however she ALWAYS runs behind. Its a PITA but worth it imo, as she spends extra time with us as well. I refer all my friends around here to her!
I have not vax'd my children and never had an issue. I would be hesitant to fill out any form with my dc's info for DPH...I have never had to sign anything at my pedi's office wrt vaxing(or not, as the case is) but I have a very good doc. We also homeschool, so there is no issue there. Any activities the kids do tht ask for vax proof, I simply say we don't and as of yet have not had any issues.
I have been dairy and wheat free for years and I am still allergic to everything, lol. I was just re-tested and am allergic to all trees, grasses, weeds, mold, dogs, cats, nuts and shellfish. I have not outgrown any of them as I have been allergic to these things all my life.
Hey there mamas... Coming to spam a co-op I am in http://groups.yahoo.com/group/shadowofamountain/ We are having a fall get-together to plan how we would like to proceed. This is a young school-age co-op getting together mostly for outings, field trips, playdates, and the like...right now. That could evolve into something else in the future! This group covers the Wachusett Mountain area (town wise- if you can be to the Mt. in 15-30 minutes then this is for you!) We...
I am late to the party, but I third Dr. Tony Saito. He is FABULOUS. This was the 'your kids should have sealant' visit and I simply said no thank you and it was dropped with no issue at all. It was wonderful. LOVE them! My kids are psyched to go which is awesome since their mom is dental phobic
I am absolutely against gifts at parties. I have been at WAY too many kid parties where the gifts are torn into, and tossed aside to get to the next one and so on. We do not do gifts at all at our children's parties. We let our kids pick an organization and I offer people the option to donate with us if they feel the need to 'bring something'. Some do, some don't. We try very hard to teach our children that the party on their b-day is to celebrate THEM, and how much...
Quote: Originally Posted by KurumiSophia I found this thread and I'm ashamed to say that I, too, have a problem with parenting and rage. It kills me inside because my daughter isn't even 6m old and I'm already finding myself screaming at her or even hitting her when my anger hits a peak. I hate it. I hate myself for it. And yet there I am, doing it again and again. I feel very trapped by my daughter. She is my jailer and tormenter. Each cry,...
JFTR, I reported ALL dog bites I rec'd. Even the fee-fee dog bite.
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