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Totally OT: yurtdwellingmama I have a mind-blowing dd born 03-03-03 but at 6:30am!
I don't want anything either, I'd rather see the kiddos smiling...plus I am 'forgotten' every year anyways by dh so I don't hold out hope for anything. I do like the kitchenaid's though...except I want red to match my toaster!
Thank you I am NOT going to have them evaluated by our public school system : as our town does not have the best rep. Are you in MA? I am going to give their ped. a call...he is a Holistic Dr. so maybe he will be open to helping me. Are you in MA? Are their any good websites I should check out?
This is my first time over here and I am...overwhelmed. I have 3 kids- my oldest ds who is 5, my dd who is 3.5, and my youngest who is 22mo. My concerns are with my older 2. I have always thought there was something 'not quite right' with my oldest son. He is EXTREMELY sensitive to, well everything it seems. He has issues with sounds/noises, being touched, smells, crowds of people, he will cry at the drop of a hat, he is wierd about food sometimes. He is very smart,...
Squeeeee!!! I have been looking everywhere for them!!! Thank you!
Is she gone?
Aaaahhh...thank you!
I was wondering if any of you mamas know if I could use PUL as the MIDDLE layer in my dipes? I don't want to give up the cute prints I use for fitteds, but wanted to try my hand at AIO's...any thoughts?
I was just going to say the same thing! Dh broke the glue seal, and now I refil mine with 'natural' cleaners, and use old rags on the mop part. LOVE IT!
The letter is perfect. Give it to her. Print out this thread and give it to her. DO NOT do anything else for her- no bus schedules, daycare, apts, etc. Aug. 30th gives her a week to get her sh*t together. She has known this day was coming since April? And done nothing to get ready? Sounds to me like she had planned all along to take atvantage of you. Who cares if your letter sounds angry? You SHOULD be angry! I'd be spitting fire at this point if I was you. If she is not...
New Posts  All Forums: