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I also would feel really sad if my kids lied to me...I grew up in a house that you almost HAD to lie to survive, and it was out fo fear, then having the fear of getting caught, ugh. I know kids lie, its part of them developing their understanding of right and wrong, but I hope my kids never lie b/c they feel they have to to avoid punishment. My son is only 2.5, and if he 'lies' about something, I think its more b/c he doesn't understand, and we don't make a big deal about...
Thanks NoraB, I am definitely going to check out those books!
Oh, Skylerliz, my dd is 10 mo old and I rarely get a whole night sleep! She gets up a couple times a night, just because She self-weaned last month, and I don't even think she's awake, but I go to her anyways. We don't co-sleep, but she is in our room. My son was the same way, didn't start really sleeping through the night until he was around 18 mo or so...
Just an FYI, I recently booked a trip to FLA, and was informed that 1/2 price tickets for kids/toddlers were no longer available, and children over 2 yo were REQUIRED to have a seat/ticket. We were planning on getting a ticket for our son, but were counting on 1/2 price!
All I can say is WOW! I am so excited I can hardly type! I had no idea what GD was, (being a newbie and all) so I read. YAY!!! This is exactly what I am trying to do/want to do! I come from a VERY abusive background, and although I know I will never be abusive towards my kids, I can understand how some parents 'loose it'. Everything that has been said here is fantastic, wonderful advice. I do have a question...what is the deal with time-outs? Are they a bad idea??? My son...
Hello all! I can't believe I didn't find this sooner! I've been getting Mothering Mag. since ds was born! I'm a SAHM (mostly) to 2 great kids, with hopes of a third. We are vegetarians, (leaning towards vegan) into alternative medicine, alternative schooling, and alternative parenting. I guess you could say we are...alternative! Except I dislike lables...I can't wait to make my way around the Commune!
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