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I am curious too, if there is an update...as I am in the same boat! Dh had the big V about a year ago, and I am having pg. symptoms, which, like you said could be related to other things.Except that I am nauseaus (sp) and that is SO not me. Have been for 2 days. Let us know!!!
I can't get raw milk so I figure I am still getting the benefits. At least its something...
I had the same problem. It literally made me gag to even THINK about drinking, But I got past it...I put it in smoothies with strong fruit, or my kids fav is the smoothie with concord grape juice and kefir...SO good! You can cook with it. Cooking kills the bacteria, but you still reap the other benefits. I leave my strained kefir in the fridge for a week sometimes if I have alot. Mine is also very thick, as I am a lazy kefir-er I don't use raw milk though, so I...
It would be normal either way. WHen you are bf it is 'normal' to have irregular cycles. I got my period back after 12 mo. and I had one, went 2 mo without, then had one...I think if you are still bf regularly, and/or often, your periods can be wonky.
oetien, you should check Finding Your Tribe...
OMG "My 10 yo won't sleep through the night. But when I put him to bed, he doesn't cry, he just goes to sleep. So do you think that if I spanked him really hard first so he'd cry himself to sleep that would make him sleep through? " : : :
Thank you very much
Anyone? I kinda need some help with this...
...who have dealt with or are dealing with Kuddly Kreations. : I don't want to say anything to violate the UA so please pm me or you can email me at tofumama of 2 @ at yahoo .com (no spaces) just put something in the title that lets me know you are from MDC as I don't open unknown email. TIA
Here's the Kefir archive link. 14 pages of all things kefir http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=203282
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