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I'm a Med Lab Science student with a five year old here! I'm planning to avoid research labs (because of the time commitment) and hope to work in a hospital lab with regular hours. We'll see!
I posted this in the "debate" forum because I'm hoping to get accurate info on the Syrian Polio outbreak. Last I read, there were 22 cases, but today I was told that 17 children have been paralyzed. That seems like a really high percentage considering the size of the outbreak. Does anyone have up-to-date info? I went to the WHO website, but it hasn't been recently updated. Thanks. 
I live in Salt Lake. I've been getting vaccine exemptions from the state since my son was two. He's been in 3 different preschools, and I had to get a new exemption each time. I just picked up the fourth one for kindergarten. I've never had a problem, they make you wait to talk to a nurse, but all the nurse does is tell you that your child will have to stay home if there is an outbreak of a VPD in their school. It's easy! I'm not really sure what previous posters are...
I guess our versions of feminism are different. For me, being a feminist means freeing women AND men from the social stereotypes, expectations, etc. of society. As a feminist, one of my biggest pet peeves is the "Boys will be boys" mentality that men and boys are out of control and unable to manage their "uncivilized" behavior. It implies that men are dumb, incapable beings and therefore excuses a list of bad behaviors in the world. I don't believe this to be true. I have...
"Uncivilized Male Mentality"?!?!?!?! This post is dripping with sexism, but I can't figure out who you dislike more-men or women? A previous poster commented that really awful things can be said without ever using a curse word. You just proved that point.
Exactly. All of it.
I swear around DS and allow him to say swear words ( he rarely does) but explain that it's a word he's only allowed to say at home with me and DH and saying it at school or at a friend's house could get him in trouble. No sexist words (bitch, slut, whore, etc.) will ever be tolerated...even when he's thirty, and obviously no racist or homophobic words either. He's discouraged from saying " stupid" and hasn't started saying "hate" yet but I'll probably explain to him what a...
Wow. Thanks for sharing!
I found this article interesting. Sorry if it has been posted before. I think the gender specific vaccine suggestion is a welcome step away from the current "one size fits all" vaccination program. "But dead vaccines have negative side effects which affect girls in particular. 'Our results show that giving a girl the killed whooping cough vaccine after she has been given a measles vaccine earlier in her life corrupts her immune defences to such an extent that she is more...
Hi, just here with a 4 month post iud removal update. I feel much better. No more swollen abdomen, I can drink alcohol without getting sick, I have a high sex drive (the thought of sex repulsed me when I had the paraguard), PMS is not even half as bad as it was, and anxiety and heart palpitations are gone. I feel better! Get that nasty little thing out!
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