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I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this, moderators feel free to move it if needed.   I'm in a situation with my mother and need some words of wisdom.  I hope this doesn't get too long.   I have a (functioning) alcoholic mother who I suspect has some kind of untreated mental illness.   My mother is giving me the silent treatment for the 3rd time in 3 years right now.  It all started because I expressed some concerns I had with her attitude towards...
Great! Thanks everyone!  I'll check out care.com also.
subbing! coming back to join the discussion when I have time!
My husband is starting to travel and I'm in school full time starting the end of this month.  My family can't help as often as I need.  I found sittercity.com and I'm wondering if anyone has had good/bad experience with finding a sitter/nanny through the site.   Thanks!
I agree. I'm taking a lot of biology, microbiology, chemistry, biochemistry, etc classes for my degree, and the scientific idea behind vaccination is brilliant. It's just not perfected enough for my comfort.  I'm not anti modern medicine, nor anti vaccine. My son will probably get the tetanus and polio vaccine someday (as soon as I decide for sure how I feel about the disease vs vaccine).  Having said that, I don't blindly trust doctors or the medical community (of which...
I would be interested to read about your experience if you ever feel like sharing it with us. :)  
We see a naturopath who told us "Well Child Checkups" are basically for vaccinations so they aren't that important if not immunizing *but* he prefers to see his patients once a year.  We end up going to him once a year for sickness, so I count those as his yearly visits. We're uninsured and simply can't afford to take healthy people to the doctor. :) I don't tell friends or family that he doesn't go for "checkups" though. If someone brings it up I just say..."Oh...
They are both "live" or "active" virus vaccines, so technically they could shed, but the chances are pretty low. How old is your baby? 
ahhh thank you!! Yes, I think I'll rest them. I need a kefir-brewing break anyway! Thanks again!
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