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For the life of me I don't get how "they" think they can create a vaccine for staph. Hasn't MRSA proven that staph is an ever evolving/mutating bacteria? Am I wrong?      
I agree, it's weird.   
We just had an "outbreak" of measles in my city, and I carried on as usual. I actually was kind of hoping we would just get it and get it over with. I'm not sure we'll have an opportunity to get wild measles again and it would be nice to never have to think about the MMR again.I paid close attention to DS and tried to keep him away from babies while the outbreak was going on *just in case* he had it and wasn't showing symptoms yet. I didn't want him to be a Typhoid Mary....
I go to SLCC as well, and I got an email YESTERDAY warning me that I was possibly exposed on April 11th. Well, thanks for the heads up 2 weeks later! He he. The email was really frantic and poorly written, as if someone was in pure panic mode writing it. I'm not afraid of DS getting measles and was secretly hoping he would be exposed so I wouldn't have to think about it ever again.  I wish we could know the vax status of ALL cases. grrr.
BTW, this is somewhat old, but thought I would share for those who haven't heard it. :)
Herent-I tried just frying it up today and WOW!! it was delicious! DS ate 3 pieces!!! I'm still going to try curing my own, but this uncured version will definitely be a staple in my house from now on!!!  Mmmm. What a wonderful flavor. Thanks for the replies everyone!
Great listen if you have time. Traditional foods vs. vegetarian debate. http://thedianerehmshow.org/shows/2006-07-17/nina-planck-real-food-bloomsbury-michael-jacobson-six-arguments-greener-diet-cspi
Hi everyone! Today I bought some pastured pork from a local farm. I wanted nitrate free bacon so they offered me the uncured pork side (cut and looks just like bacon). She said it tastes similar to pork chops. Now that I'm thinking about it, I don't want it to taste like pork chops...I want bacon! Any suggestions on how to season/flavor the uncured pork? Thank you!!!
This reminds me, I remember reading that only 10% of the population was vaccinated against small pox but now I can't find where I read it. Does anyone have a source for this?
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