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Thanks, I had an appointment at St Mary's today and they said 'no' too. UGH! Will pm you!
Hi all, We just moved to Grand Rapids area and i'm currently 30 weeks pregnant. Can any one recommend VBAC friend hospitals? I've already been shot down pretty harshly by spectrum... Thanks!
Thank you! I have just emailed both!
Thank you SelenaJean, thats helpful! and congratulations! do you have a birth story up somewhere, I would love to read it.
I am here... We will have two under two too!!! A little nervous about that, my daughter will be 22 months when this little one arrives. We are due 6th January.
Hi all!!! we got a positive today and yesterday, due very early January, yay!!!!!
Does anybody know of any VBAC friend places of midwifes in the La Crosse area? We just found out we are expecting and would prefer to have a VBAC or HBAC. We also just moved here so don't really know much, Thanks for any tips!
I had a cesarean in 2002. I then had a baby in March 09. It was a failed homebirth and at 42 weeks ended up with a cesarean. Do you think I have any likely hood of getting a VBAC? Is this even possible after 2 sections? will anybody even touch me? I just found out I am expecting again and really do not want to go through another cesarean, obviously if its life or death then I have no issues but i'd prefer to not go through one just because i've had one previously. Has...
Does anybody know any providers on the Space Coast? I am looking for someone who will do a VBA2C. TIA! x
Thats great, thanks for your help.
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