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Here is my website- I put up a blog and also sell on Craigslist- http://kristen-forsale.blogspot.com/  However, my almost dead time is Dec to March.  From April to November I'm good.  The majority of my stuff comes from garage sales.  If there are good rummage sales you can score there and like I said watch the public storage auctions- although that's hit or miss for kids stuff and that's all I sell.  In the busy months from about May to Sept I average about $450-$500 a...
Oh Great!  I have everything!  Maybe I'll whip it up this week! :)  Yes- please let me know if you pureed in a food processor or if it's chunky... :)
Thanks ladies!  I've done both the egg/confectioners sugar and the milk/water/confectioners sugar and just haven't been crazy about it... I really love the icing at Wegmans (if you have a wegmans nearby and know about their amazing sugar cookies that they decorate)... but I think I'll try the browned butter one and see what happens. :) I wanted to do cut outs this weekend but just not enough hours in the day!  I made the dough today though and the girls have off...
I never have one that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!  I am looking for something that turns out hard to the touch like you see on the cutouts at the store, but that doesn't taste gross and chalky like the confectioners sugar/milk combo or water combo or whatever.... so..... does anyone have a yummy one?  We are going to do cut outs this weekend and I'd love to find a new recipe!   Post here!!! :) :) :)
Hmmm... lots to think about... it's in a nice neighborhood so it will be upscale shoppers- but it's an evening show- something they are trying to promote only handmade items.  Interesting... Other thing is I was thinking about doing some easter theme stuff like bunny hats or little bunny stuffed toys or maybe chicks... but then I'm thinking it's at a synogogue/temple.  So... I'm wondering if it will be mostly Jewish people and in that case will that mean my easter stuff...
OH MY!  I would have been very offended if you said this to me.  I also agree with the poster who said that show some proof of stress being a start to an early period... You may be a psychology major at Mich State- that's great but why do you think you can suggest her daughter has added stress and that "she has feelings also"? When did the OP ever suggest that there's stress in her life???  Just because you're studying something doesn't mean you can hop on a problem...
Okay... I reached 50 but I can't find the Trading Post.  Can you tell me where it is or send me a link? :) Thanks!
Hi Welcome!!!! I'm on the East Coast too!  I'm in Western NY.  Congrats on your upcoming new addition! :)
Hi welcome!!!!!!  I'm a mom to 4 girls!  There's a lot of pink in our house too! LOL
Hi Welcome!  I love Vermont!  We did a roadtrip of the New England States and it's so pretty there! :)
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