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There have been tons of wooden dollhouses of all different kinds on my Craigslist lately--- keep an eye on your local Craigslist.  I keep seeing them pop up!  Right now there's 2 just from today!
I work at home by selling.  I buy lots of baby and kids stuff and resell online- I have a blog where I sell items and post on Craigslist.  In the summer I do garage sales.  In the fall and spring I do rummage sales.  I also go to public storage auctions.  In the summer my PROFIT is much more than the winter because in the winter I usually have less inventory.  I like to write too but as far as making money this was much quicker- I have a blog for writing but I know it...
Also agree- I never felt mine and they always are leak proof!!!! Good luck!!!
I crochet- here are some stuffed animals I've made- http://crittercovers.blogspot.com/p/critters.html and if you go to the main page there's some diaper covers there too.  But I've been invited to sell some stuff at a craft show in the spring but I know I can't do large stuffed animals to sell- they take too long and I don't want to put all that time into it if I won't sell many- I've never done a show so I don't know how well I'd do... Any ideas?  Baby hats?  Small...
When my 2nd was born my 1st was 21 mos.  So... I UNDERSTAND!!!!!!  USE the Boppy and the Sling!  They are your friends!!!  I know you rock your oldest but I also think that will be hard... Unless you can get them both positioned on the Boppy--- this IS possible... as for laying down that may be harder... We transitioned to me laying facing the baby and nursing if she was awake while dd #1 layed over top of me and nursed on the other side and then slipped off when she...
Nice to meet you!!!! My brother in law is from Scotland!  
Oh okay- I'm guessing when I reach 50 posts I'll be able to see the forum?  We'll see... about 10 more to go I think! LOL
Sounds very very very similar to my daughter who is now 5 but at age 3 was MUCH shyer and cautious around new situations.  We ended up keeping her home and I put her in some fun classes that she was able to choose.  She was actually 4 in Sept when we did this- at 3 she did library class and at 4 she did classes at the Y- she picked out pottery which she loved, gymnastics, swimming, and music and movement.  We didn't do them all at once, they ran for a 13 week session or...
Oh my.... I wouldn't have assumed it was a period!  If it was my 7 year old I would definitely call the after hours line.  If your doctor doesn't have one I'm sure there's somewhere you can call in your area- ???  Keep up posted. Hugs
Long thread that I obviously haven't scrolled through but I found an adorable jar cookie recipe on Allrecipes that I'm going to give to teachers this year as well as a couple other friends.  It looks beautiful and I'm hoping it will turn out.  There are good reviews on it: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Cranberry-Hootycreeks/Detail.aspx Doesn't it look cute?  I'm also going to crochet up some potholders for my friend to give with that.
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