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Everybody already has some great ideas on WHAT to put in stockings... Really- I HATE stockings... I HATE buying for the stockings.  I am saving for presents and stockings end up being such a "money suck" to me- I have 4 girls and filling them is a big dread to me so DH usually does it- he loves it... I too hate the extra clutter from little things.  Clutter is just part of my world that I am continually fighting against! LOL  But really I'm sure there are some things you...
I have a 2 and a half year old screamer too! LOL She's my fourth.  My first weaned at 3 and a half my second at 2 and a half and I didn't want to tandem again so I gently weaned my 3rd at 2.  My fourth is still nursing.  I've been breastfeeding for a total of 9 and a half years!  That being said.... LOL.... my best suggestion to get "started" gently weaning an older child is to give her "notice".  Meaning I will start off by saying "Okay, you can nurse (or whatever you...
Funny! Right after I finished posting on here I went on Craigslist to browse and look what was posted!- http://buffalo.craigslist.org/bab/2095785019.html  Isn't it cute???  I know it's not your area but definitely keep an eye on Craigslist!
I think you ABSOLUTELY have the right to choose your child's friends.  At age 4/5- DEFINITELY!  Later on? DEFINITELY!  You are MOM and the parent.  You are the one who should be placing the right influences in your child's life.  I think you should always be mindful of who he or she is hanging around.  And at that age most definitely decide to say no to playtimes whether planned or impromptu.  Good Luck Mama!
I'm going to second the Craigslist idea.  I would keep an eye out on there.  I've been seeing them posted on my local Craigslist all season.  Watch both Baby and Kids AND Toys and Games. 
GREAT!  I'm not a big poster but I'm sure I can find some more things to post on... LOL  I'll do that and go look for the forum.  Thanks for the quick reply!!!! (I've only been a member since 2004! Isn't that funny?)
Is there anywhere on here to post diapers for sale?  Or... where are you SUCCESSFUL selling any diapers/covers? Thanks! :)
Thanks ladies!!!! She will be so excited! We're working on our cards this weekend. I pm'd you all my address. If anyone else wants to swap, pm me today or tomorrow! Thanks all, Kristen
Great! She won't care if it's homemade or not! LOL We might not have homemade ones either- depends how long she wants to work on them! LOL I'll PM you our info now! Thanks mama!
I see I missed the sign up for the Valentine Exchange! But I'm planning on mailing on Monday to make it in time for Valentines Day. I noticed all my girls have a group to exchange cards in except Trini. She isn't in preschool so she will be the only one without Valentines. If your little one wants to swap Valentines with my Trinity (she's 4) please respond and I'll PM you our info and you can give me yours. I'm thinking she wants to make her Valentines this...
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