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I have not been on in a long time due to the fact that we had out of town guests and the holidays... but oh my--- THANK YOU! for all of the responses! I too have a huge hope that OT will help--- It is SOOOO HARD around here--- dh just took dd shopping in hopes of finding something to wear- she will only wear her sundresses and well it's about 10 degrees here, so... there are two skirts she will wear and we have tantrums every day about her tights. The hardest part is in...
I am making stuffed animals for my girls this year! Skylar is getting a piggy, Tabby a monkey, Trinity a polar bear and Kaya a penguin. Anyone else making anything interesting for their little ones? We are buying things too but I'm enjoying these projects!
My oldest has sensory and it is so difficult to deal with some days- we have clothing issues and some food issues. We are just starting to seek help for it... wondering if anyone else is coping with similar issues... I'd love to have a support system.
This is what we've always done- ONE santa gift BUT it can be ANYTHING (a couple guidelines- nothing HUGELY expensive and NO pets) so it can be something that they "know" I will say no to like those goofy pixos... my oldest has used it on Floam or whatever that awful stuff was! And then we usually get them presents based on a dollar amount rather than how many.
Ha ha! How cute! For a while my oldest had a cat Chico that she took everywhere... then one day she forgot about it... she's 7 and right now she loves this pillow that my dh made for her when she was a baby- she calls it George Pillow... she takes it in the car, to stores... I just don't make a big deal about it and I'm sure it will stop eventually. There are some places we just say no to and make her keep it in the car. but in the big scheme of things it's not a big...
Welcome!!!! Nice to meet you too!
Welcome!!! I'd love to visit vancouver I heard it's gorgeous! I didn't return to work after my first daughter either... I couldn't imagine going back it would have been so hard!!!! Nice to meet you!
Welcome! I'm a Canadian neighbor but far from you! I love to crochet too!!!! I'm working on stuffed animals for all of my girls for Christmas- a pig, monkey, polar bear, & penguin!
Good for you ladies! My oldest was 3 and my second was 2 but she was always independent. My 3 yo still sometimes asks... and who knows how long the baby will go for- she'll probably be the longest because she's the last and I'd like her to stay a baby for a while!
I've always noticed one bigger than the other... but I haven't noticed a difference in supply regarding the difference in size. Hmmmm.... I sleep with my babies so I sleep on my right and I think that's the larger size. So, I woudln't doubt that that would be the larger supply one too.
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