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Well mama... a couple thoughts... first off if you are going to start a transition I would think that keeping a bed or crib or whatever you are planning to transition to in the room next to your bed for as long as you can would be the best step. That way, he'd be used to his own space and it wouldn't be a huge jump into it. However... that being said.... I would look to the problem rather than that which sounds like dh wants an increase in husband/wife time. Which is...
That is so sweet thank you for sharing! We have been co sleeping with some combination of our daughters over the last 7 years! And the moments of bliss far outway those of shear frustration! LOL Although there are both! But isn't that parenting? Just when you think you are ready to pull your hair out they go and melt your heart into a million pieces?!
We had the original and it worked for quite a while... BUT when we used it our baby started out in it and then our 2 year old decided it was better suited as a bed for her! So she took that and we kept the baby in the bed. So, considering she was larger it accomadated her at 2! Then when we moved we just put two beds together and it worked out fine. Good luck!
HUGS!!! I don't have much advice--- we ended up changing the times when we did errands/car rides. Like the morning was better for us. I'm not sure if your little one has abetter time than others... ?
Quote: Originally Posted by Knittin' in the Shade I have to disagree with Karla and Jess. I'm the one who originally suggested hari conditioner (can't even remember how long ago it was now, LOL!) becuase that's waht I do for scrathy wool, and it's always worked for me. Wool is just sheep hair,a fter all I'll explain though, why Karla's theory isn't quite on target, and why you can use conditioner on (unfelted) wool without it stretching. First, a...
Well, with $160 in orders from them and knowing that they probably won't work for you- for the 3 on the way- is there anyway you can get a refund??? That way you can try other wool that might work better
Okay... I'd love some btdt advice as well as speculation... just wondering what to do about exposure in wholesaling... do you think it's wise to limit how many people/wahm's/stores resell your product? In my case, a cd'ing item. Do you think it would be wise to limit the number of resellers you accept? Overexposure could be bad, I'm thinking- I mean, do you think too many stores could carry it and then the demand would decrease? I don't know- all these thoughts are...
Thanks ladies... and in my pursuit of this I even found another easy way- just type (C) and it will change to the c in a circle... that's pretty easy. K
type out a Copyright C in a circle??? Does anyone know? I'm trying to print a label and I need to get one of those and I thought there was a way to print it out but I can't for the life of me figure it out... is there a c in a circle trick on the keyboard that any of you mamas in the know could share?! TIA!
Hi All... I have some questions on acrylic soakers for anyone who has used one- what were your thoughts? Do they really work- keep baby dry? Do you have to wash after each usage unlike wool? You don't have to lanolize them, or do you??? Sorry if these questions are dumb, but I have no personal experience with acrylic and was hoping to pick the brains of some of you mamas who might use them as a wool alternative. TIA!
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