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Quote: Originally Posted by abigailvr And the prize is wet PJs! (Or jammas as he calls them. He's so darn cute) cutie! we call em jammas here too
hey ladies... how funny is this- I was bored and playing around with the search on here and found this thread- yep, I am owner of TCS and my dd #1 is named Skylar, but.... I don't think it was my aunt because I'm not from Pottstown! I'm from outside Buffalo, NY ~ anyway, that's a pretty close coincidence...
Quote: Originally posted by allformyboys Well the only place you can get 'longies' is LTK, longies are her brand word for wool pants! all the other places have wool pants, although I don't know how much more they are going to have for a while as it is warm in most of the areas now! Wool shorts are all the rave now Oops! Sorry! Thanks for letting me know that!
Quick Question for all you seasoned vetrans out there. Wool Knit/Crocheted Longies! Who do you like? What's a good price range? Any links? TIA!
also, you could try crocheted soakers which tend to be "thicker" than knitted ones. That's what we use at night!
Hey There Mamas! I'm new here! I finally made my way over to the Mothering Boards and wanted to say Hi!!!! My name is Kristen and I'm wahmama to Skylar who is 2 and a half and Tabby who is 8 months. My dh is Kevin. We cosleep, tandem nurse, baby wear, gentle discipline, and practice most ap "stuff". We live in Western NY. Nice to meet you all!
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