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I saw a 30 min pregnancy workout on pinterest last night, i haven't tried it yet though! I would just google pregnancy workouts and see what you come up with
No U/S unless deemed necessary by my cpm, no doppler other than in labor either.  I had no idea with my first that U/S could possibly harm him (had 2 u/s).  I've read a lot more since then and just don't feel comfortable doing it unless necessary.  I'll never forget how my 1st would try to get away from the doppler!  
I think its a reminder to drink to expand your blood volume...its does stink though, i'm drinking constantly and still parched!  
Technically you can take regular Dimetapp (no D or DM).  You can also take tylenol.  I used some coldcalm for my cold a couple weeks a ago and it worked wonders!  
Thanks Motherhendoula!  Wish i had seen that video a couple years ago!  
your welcome and good luck!
I have used them recently.  Unfortunately they didn't work that well on my almost 2yo.  They would probably be okay on a much younger baby who doesn't pee large amounts at a time.  They did contain the messes though. I used them with a Flip cover.  I think you could totally use them with a newborn. Hope that helps!
YAAAHH! Someone from the May 2010 DDC!  Mine was born on his due date 5/31/10.  I wasn't super active on that DDC especially towards the end on bed rest, but glad to see someone else here!
Probably 10 wks or so. Last time i don't think i had my first appt until 12-14wks, but it took me a while to decide on a midwife ;-)
Yep, We're planning one!  I had a homebirth with my first and wouldn't do it any other way.  I actually work with a midwife as a birth assistant, so it should work out pretty good to use her for this one.  Can't wait!
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