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That is so awesome! I work in the NICU/Nursery at Mary Immaculate so I know what you mean about the birth atmosphere on the Peninsula....hence why I'm having a homebirth
I believe the closest one is in Ithaca. Not sure what her name is. The problem in NY is that the midwife has to have an OB back up which of course is hard to come by! GL!
I will be doing a 10hr trip at 32 wks...I hope I don't regret it! We're going to visit the in-laws. They're really laid back and I won't be expected to do anything so I can relax for the week. I'll definitely be making my DH take lots of potty breaks which won't make him to happy...he'll get over it!
That's hilarious! I work in a NICU/newborn nursery...that would crack me up if I saw that! We're pretty respectful of parents wishes here though. As in we always ask about bottles/paci's first. I think the hat would definitely get the point across though...GL!
Thanks! That's very interesting!
I have heard good things about Dr. Via in Williamsburg. A friend interviewed him and he was willing to delay/selective vax if you have done your homework and can tell him why. I haven't interviewed him myself yet, but I'll let you all know when I do!
I only get 6 wks of leave, so i'll start when i go into labor! I can't have FMLA since I only started this job a few months ago and then surprise I'm pregnant...lol!
Confirmed Boy! Thx!
We had been planning on keeping the gender a suprise, but when we had our 20wk U/S last week the tech slipped and said "he" a couple times and then corrected herself after checking "down there", so afterward my dh and I kinda snickered to ourselves and started to get hopeful the it was a boy. Then last night I got dh to let me watch the DVD of the U/S and no mistaken it was a boy! We're going to continue keeping it a secret from everyone, but we are so excited! I had to...
Haven't started yet...i've been waiting for our finances to settle out after buying a house in Nov. I know what need...just need to order the fabric and get going!
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