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Hey Ladies! Its been a while since I've been on here, but I wanted to let you all know that I'M PREGNANT!!! It was a total shock since we were definitely not trying and I haven't had fertile CM for 2 cycles! I'm due May 31, 2010. We're very excited. I'm sorry to ruin this threads pregnancy free streak I wouldn't definitely call this one user error. better luck to you all TTA!
Ok false alarm for me...AF arrived today. That was one heck of an LP though, wish they were that long normally. As for the protection ?'s, we use comdoms during fertile time. We've sort of gotten used...never as good though. If your having issues finding a good one try order a combo pack from www.condomman.com They're cheap and there's no shipping. GL!
Hello Ladies! Its been a few months since i've had to do this, but I need some insight on my chart. First, here's the link chart . I've never had this long of any LP...my longest so far is about 11 days. The times we BD around O was w/ a condom. I took a digital test this morning and it was negative. i picked up a couple more today so I'll probably wait another 2 days and retest. Neither of us are too stressed about it so I guess I'll just wait and see. Thanks...
Happy July All! Back from vacation...bummer to be ovulating on vacation. But enjoying my LP now! 7 months charting successfully so far!
Happy June All! My cycle is way messed up this time...it looks just like my first cycle off BCP's. I'm pretty sure we're safe. Can't wait for AF to get here so I can start over!
Boy i've missed a lot in the past week! Congrats Marinewife!!! I hope it works out in whatever way is best for your family! AFM: This cycle seems very different. I started having creamy cf two days after AF finished. The only thing I've done different is sleeping with an eye mask on to try to get some better sleep...especially during the day. So maybe its a little bit of a "lunaception" thing going on and I'll have a short cycle? We'll see! It would be nice to get...
is here...blah, Back to plan A which means I'll be working on planning our fabulous babymaking vacation for next summer to keep my mind off wanting...lol! Twilight: hope you feel better soon and the abx kick in!
Twilight: From what i remember from nursing school, if you had a kidney infection it what be excruciatingly painful, especially in your lower back. If you've finished ur course of abx that should have taken care of the fever so I would definitely get it checked out AFM: It looks like AF is definitely on the way. Not sure how I feel about that. I was really hoping for an oops!
Quote: Originally Posted by MarineWife So, the open circles are from the days after night shift work and were taken in the middle of the day? Yes, I go to bed at 0730-0800 and set and alarm to take my temp at noon. I know its not ideal and it makes it hard to identify o when I'm working a string of nights so i don't usually consider us safe until i have a couple high temps actually taken in the morning. I'm still having wave upon wave of...
Quote: Originally Posted by BarefootScientist Your timing does look impeccable. But try not to read too much into your symptoms for a few more days. 5 dpo is really early for implantation even. Yeah I know, I was just really not feeling well so it freaked me and my poor dh out! Thankfully last night he spent some time fiddling w/ our budget spread sheets and we should be fine if I get BFP, so I'm a little less worried now and trying not...
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