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Quote: Originally Posted by Virginia884 I looked at your chart... although you do have good timing, to me it's too early to say your temps look like a preggo chart. Why all the open circles? I work night shift 3 nights a week (I'm a nurse) so I take my temp 4 hours past whenever I go to bed those mornings.
I'm not feeling so hopeful that I'm not pg, my charts definitely look like we had good TTC timing , i have been weepy all day, utterly exhausted and having bad heartburn. I haven't had bad pms since I was about 12-13 and I never get heartburn even though I actually have documented reflux! I opened the fridge to find dinner and I just started randomly crying...what the heck!? Anyways, I'll be testing probably later this week. thanks for listening to my rambling
Well it looks like I have a thermal shift...we'll see if its real. I'm working the next 3 nights so we'll see if that throws everything off. I guess I'll poas next weekend if no AF
I did what you said Twilight Girl and put my info into FF and of course it put a dotted crosshairs right on that day! ahh! Maybe i shouldn't have done that here's the link http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/270769
Thanks for all the support! I really wish I had used an OPK on Sunday because the one on Sat. was faintly positive. I didn't count it cuz it wasn't as bright as the control line. My temp was up today but not sure yet if it is because of night shift or not. I noticed last cycle that it took 2-3 days to see a shift after my peak day...not sure what that's about...maybe thats why there are so many girls in my family! So I guess I'll still be in the waiting game for a...
Ok I need some chart stalkers! We made a big mistake in the middle of the night earlier this week...got way to caught up and neither of us grabbed a condom like a couple of idiot teenagers! So I'm wondering what my chances of being pregnant are. I haven't had a temp shift yet which is weird because my CF was building up great and peaked on the day we dtd. I've now dried up. Do you think that stress of realizing our error could of stopped O? Anyways, just looking for...
Checking in for April...Cycle 3 day 7 here, Had a very successful cycle 2 which was exciting, even had a pre-AF temp drop...so cool! I love being in the know about my body!
checking in! CD14 today...i think i'm close to o but we'll see!
AF today! I'm glad to be onto another cycle...definitely going to be more careful this time!
BFN this afternoon! I really think my body hasn't figured out what it is doing yet. Oh somebody asked about the times on my chart...I work night shift three days a week so I take my temp late morning then.
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