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OP, where do you live? I am in Mid Michigan and there was a Children's Special Health Care nurse out here to do my youngest daughter's recertification and she informed me there was an outbreak in the public schools and that I should have gotten a letter about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Peppermint Have I come on here to tell you all I will be having c-section #5 in September? I'm a bit surprised, but happy:. I admit that a new pregnancy is always slightly tainted by knowing I have to go through another section, but- I know it will be worth it in the end CONGRATS!! :
I am so nervous just thinking about having a planned and that I will know the day. None of my were planned ("elective") so I've never been down this road before, it was always done as a last resort under duress.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tami16 I have a friend who had 7 c sections followed by two natural births. The first one was an emergancy and after that the doctors just pressured her to keep have cesareans. After seven, she decided to risk it with a daring midwife. Fortunately all went went and the boys and mom are both healthy. No offense meant..... but this is not exactly what I want to read about in this thread. Especially since I had a c/s...
So happy to find this thread! OUr current water heater is gas and two year ago we were told it was on it's last legs. We want to replace it with a gas tankless. I've just started looking around... anyone know anything about this one? http://www.homedepot.com/webapp/wcs/...ctId=100627481 Who would be the best to talk to in how about switching over? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by BugMacGee Yes. I used to work at a big teaching/research hospital which I loved for the actuity and learning opportunities. Now I work in our local community hospital. Close to home, better hours. I really love my job.....most of the time I've got some cranky triplets today. AWWWW!
Quote: Originally Posted by BugMacGee SIlvercrest79-my husband didn't do anything either (unless you count going to a bar every night contributing to the welfare of your family That's why he's my ex. But that's another topic altogether..... Nursing for me has provided a great deal of flexibility. I am able to spend a lot of time with my children, but I also have a good was to flex my *adult* brain at work. I get great benefits, and make a good...
Quote: Originally Posted by CookieMonsterMommy ...we also don't have any source of income other than what we pull in ourselves. And we don't have a "body" there for the kids just in case we need to run out or are running late ..... Good luck. And if you haven't already, check out the Parents As Partners section of MDC. You might be able to get some much needed support Re: Your dh and marriage issues. I know how hard it is for me and I...
Holy Macaroni this thread is got a lot of posts! I don't have time to read them all but I pop in occasionally. I am 4 classes from validating for clinicals. This semester I have A&P 1 and Math for Allied Health. The math so far is a piece of cake. The A&P isn't really hard but it is SOOOOOOOOOO time consuming (as I'm sure you can all relate). I want ER, L&D, or NICU. I get bored VERY quickly, I need a lot of variety. I could care for the same babies and wipe their...
I don't know where the momma is but there is an amazing doc in Saginaw. I went to him with two prior sections and he was willing to let me VBAC.
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