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We leave ours out in a heavy glass butter dish with a lid. One stick in at a time, rest in fridge or freezer.
I am the OP. My rupture baby is now 2 1/2. I can have more children with a scheduled c/s @ 36 wks. I am one of those people who do not heal well. Every injury I've ever had turns into a site of chronic pain/trouble and obviously I've never properly healed after each section like one should. #1 was a section after 32 hours of labor and it was a long and painful recovery. #2 was a section after 8+ hours of mild labor and that was a quick and relatively painless recovery....
I grew up for most of my life (and so did DH) in the Petoskey area. My mom still lives up there and we visit her occasionally. We were just up there 8/05-8/10 and we made sure to go to the playground at the waterfront. It was REALLY windy that day. I loved every minute of it though. We live in a flat valley area now and I miss Petoskey a LOT (don't miss driving in it though)...yikes. lol Hope you can find or recruit some likeminded mamas! I know there are a couple MDC...
I have had three c/s and after all three I have had pain or discomfort from the foley at your point in recovery. I don't remember blood, but if it is just a tiny bit on the TP then it is most likely broken blood vessels bursting from where they inserted the foley.
I am looking for a good toothpaste for myself and my kids. Currently we are using Toms because I don't know what is good and what is bad. Thank you for any advice/recommendations. :
boadhagh>> your kitties!!! We have 5 resident kitties... Tigger (adopted before we had children) at 9 y/o he's healthy as a horse, still has all his original teeth in almost pristine condition. He is a long haired orange tabby. Seallia (purchased before we were as "consious" as we are now) 8 y/o. She is an applehead seal pt siamese. Cassie (a foster kitty who we adopted ot be our oldest DD's kitty) approx 6 y/o. She is a lynx pt siamese mix, a stunning lady she is...
Quote: Originally Posted by mombh Yeah , coconut is great or if you don't have any olive oil is good too I thought of that but I was worried it would get rancid smelling after sitting out. I must be wrong?
Quote: Originally Posted by Woodland coconut oil is perfect for that. oh yeah Thanks!
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