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I just bought a lovely handmade ladle and pie server from a local festival. They are made out of maple. The care instructions say to oil them with mineral oil. I am under the impression that mineral oil is not good and I would like to use something less toxic. Any ideas? Thank you!!! p.s. didnt know where else to post this, sorry!
I need my search!!! WAHHHHHHH
To the OP I totally know how you feel.
For I believe my 1000 post, I will comment on my type of underware. I like high cuts. I also agree that the majority of undie manufacture-ers think that plus size women need huge briefs in boring colors or ugly prints. I just had to buy a new pack and it was TERRIBLE. I wound up opening several packs and just pulling all the solids out. I wouldn't be caught dead in some of the prints that they had in there, they really were the definition of "granny panty". :
I can BARELY keep myself from drowning.
May 16th, a Taurus.
When did Challenger happen? I think that is the only thing on the list I am old enough to remember. I remember 9/11 of course and the other shuttle that was lost.
All girls here and I would love a 4th.
My hair is never straight from top to bottom. The hair closest to my head can be straight but the other 3/4 of it will be curly or wavy depending on the weather and if I've let it air dry. Air drying will give me some ringlets. My oldest daughter has always had stick straight THICK hair, came out with a full head of hair. Middle daughter used to have ringlets but not it is pretty straight and trying to get thicker. Youngest daughter has thin hair with a bit of curl...
Never been on what I consider a real vacation. We went out of state to see family once and that was over 6 years ago and it was only for a couple days.
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