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Quote: Originally Posted by onlyzombiecat Other, because they aren't comparable to me. It's like asking do you prefer oranges to elephants. I like oranges and I like elephants but they don't fill the same space. I like chocolate and I like sex. Sex has a different role in my life than chocolate does. They compliment each other well though! :
Quote: Originally Posted by treemom2 same here, if it is from someone I really want to reply to or I already have a response in my head I will often reply immediately since it seems I'm always on the computer. . .something I'm dreading or just don't feel like replying to. . .hmmm that can take much longer with an excuse that I don't check my email often :
I do and it sucks. My husband doesn't know the first thing about how or when to pay things or how to fill out paperwork. He could if he wanted to but he doesn't want to.
Since I have to do all the dishes (well me and the dishwasher, sadly it doesn't load itself. ) I REQUIRE everyone to use their Kleen Kanteen for water all day and then 1 glass for ice tea or juice if they have any. For cooking I'll use the same utensils as long as there is nothing to cross contaminate like meat.
We bought our first HOUSE a year ago in may. ::: Before that we owned a two bedroom trailer and we'd long since outgrown it.
I have smoked a few cigs in my adult life, not more than 10 total though. I detest the smell of the smoke now and can smell it at long distances. I never smoked while pregnant. When I had a lifelong wellness course last fall semester in college seeing the black lung of a smoker who'd donated his body to science was all it took to make sure I never pick that habit up. It was an incredibly sad thing to see.
Quote: Originally Posted by KaraBoo can I be a little of all three? Me too?
I have mowed many a lawn. I have never bungee jumped nor would I EVER!!!!!!!!
I asked to see the placenta (for some weird reason it was riding in a biohazard bag in a bucket at my feet on the gurney with me from surgery to my room like 2 hours after DD was born). The nurse gave me a VERY weird look when I asked to see it. I was pretty drugged up but I did get a brief look at it. At the time I wanted to see how much clotting there was on it (in case I needed to know in the event we ever sued) but later I realized that it was the only placenta I'd...
New Posts  All Forums: