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Sometimes my needle preference depends on the kind of yarn I am using. ie.... Cotton has BAD drag on bamboo/wood needles but slides nicely on KP options. Wool tends to be a tad bit slippery on options but once you learn how far to keep the yarn from the tip with the options you are good to go.
dhinderliter- Thank you soooo much for the recipes!! ::
Quote: Originally Posted by mtiger Depends how you quantify much. SPs have a lifespan of 12-15 years. Which really isn't bad. another 3-5 does quantify much when it comes to what she offered my mom in companionship and love.
Quote: Originally Posted by North_Of_60 Ain't that the truth. Humans + birth = icky. Dogs + birth = cool and cute. but sadly true
There are few things that enrage me more than VETS encouraging backyard breeder MORONS. I means seriously, shouldn't they of ALL people KNOW BETTER? UGH I guess those vets are the same class of idiots who tell moms to feed their babies food at 4 months or that they can't breastfeed while pregnant.
Quote: Originally Posted by DoomaYula ...holy cow, she charges $3000 for Standard Poodles. I was doing some SP research (for far far far in the future ) and I came upon this breeder who feeds her dogs all raw, does holistic care, and seems extremely knowledgeable about SP. You could just tell that she totally loves her breed and wants to better it. She keeps a natural tail and she likened it to not-circ'ing she does minimal vax'ing and heartworm....
Standard Poodles rock! : We have one, she is the "family dog" she will endure anything the kids want to subject her to and she will do it with love in her heart and a smile on her face. She will be five years old in Sept ( : ) and you can see my kid's ages in my siggy so you know she's put up with a LOT. When I worked for a vet almost 6 years ago I heard about a 5 y/o female that needed a home. My mom adopted her, she was a wonderful dog too. Even though she'd never...
dhinderliter - Could you share the recipes for the bars? Also, I don't know how WIC works where you are but here you can request (note they will never offer) for the maximum cheese package for your coupons. It took some complaining about how all the milk was going to waste (my kids will NOT drink a glass of milk ever) cuz they only use it on their cereal. My coupons are 4 gals of milk total for the month, the rest is cheese.
My 4 y/o (5 in August) wears mostly 11 but has a pair of hello kitty sandals that are size 12 that fit (target shoes seem to run small). She is about 36lbs not sure how tall. My 7 y/o (8 in Sept) wears anywhere from a 4 1/2 to a women's 6 depending on the shoe. She is TALL, over 4 1/2 ft tall. My 27 mos old wears size 6, she is tiny at 24lbs. Can still wears 12 and 18 month clothing.
Another vote for Knitpicks needles!!! :
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