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Sleeping with our middle daughter was a breeze. Sleeping with our youngest is a nightmare like your oldest son.
Quote: Originally Posted by ClumsySugarPlum Hey there. I've looked in my copy of TCOYF and I can't seem to find an answer to this question. Get ready for TMI. I have two to three days of occasional TP only brownish cm right before I start my period. Do I count the the first day I see that stuff as Day 1, or do I wait until AF throws a party in my pants? I know this must sound like a dumb question, but the brownish stuff pre-period is new since I quit the...
I don't know if this is widely accepted or not but it works for us....my kids don't get to go to a park, take a walk, watch a movie or cartoon, or go outside until the bulk of their chores are done. If they diddle getting their chores done, they've lost time that they could be having fun and they know that. I have to take care of my responsibilities before I get to have fun too. Occasionally we say to heck with it and go out and have fun, like when DH has a day off or we...
No advice but My almost 5 y/o who potty learned at 26 months has been having accidents of #1 lately. I am quite sure she is doing it to get attention though as she has severe middle child syndrome. I just tell her to please change her clothes and put her wet ones where they can be washed quickly.
Quote: Originally Posted by Beansmom The site referenced above says polyester is ok for diaper covers, and it says polyurethane is ok (in the bibs section). PUL is just laminated polyester. It says to avoid vinyl and PVC, which would most likely be found in old or really cheap vinyl "plastic pants." If someone plans to only use all natural fabrics, all organic cotton clothing, etc. then I would say you probably want to stick with wool and OC diapers as...
Stopping in to say hi!!!
(prepares to appear to be a complete fool) kriket- what is the Trekkie symbol for?
I am working on the wt. I changed my diet and it only made me feel better, not lose wt. It is soooo painful to exercise (because of my fibrolmyalgia) but I am just going to have to cry my way through it, I have no choice anymore.
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