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11/17/05 It's a GIRL!!!!!! 7/10/05 Yes, FINALLY after 19 months we got a . : Needless to say we are soooo excited. Can't wait to hear the Need to call the hbmw and start planning our :homew:. We are 99.99% sure we conceived on 6-11 so that gives us a due date of approximately 3-4-06. Got to go change my siggy now!
Last night I felt this thing come out. I ran into the bathroom and wiped and there was this blob of really tough mucus stuff on the tp. It was transparent but a very light brown/tannish color. Consistency was tough, more tough than a mucus plug. I poked and pulled at it and it was hard to seperate. The size was about the size of a quarter. Anyone had this before? Any idea what it is/was? I had a period 5-16 to 5-21, stopped taking yasmin 5-26, then had another from 6-4...
I was on Yasmin for 3 months. Before the bcp I had approx 28 day cycles. On the bcp I had 21 day cycles. I had a normal period from 5-16 to 5-21. I had spotting for one day maybe a week later. I just had what seemed like another period from 6-3 to 6-6. Can stopping bcp induce a cycle so close to one that came on time? I forgot to take it for two days and then decided since we were going to ttc in August I'd just stop taking it. I think the last bcp I took was on 5-30 so 4...
Any moms from the Midland area? I have 2 daughters, Arianne 4 and Kayden 21 mos. Would like to meet like minded moms with children close in age to mine. Alison
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