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Quote: Originally Posted by umsami Hi CB: I'll definitely make du'a for your friend and her little one. May Allah(swt) watch over her and her little baby girl. May the birth be easy for both Mom and the little one. May the little one grow up happy and healthy. As for the halal beef bacon, all of my friends just cook it/serve it like normal bacon... so either pan fry it, or place it under the broiler. Then they serve it for breakfast with eggs...
I keep mine in the frig for 1-2 months, then get a "fresh" batch.
May I step in and answer for prayers for a friend Muslima sister and food prep question? DH is from Turkey, but I am Catholic and don't feel comfortable asking there. My friend had a still birth 2.5 years ago at 38.5 weeks, baby girl. She is due on Dec. 12 with another baby girl. Please say some special prayers for her. Her name is Hacer. Thank you! I have halal beef bacon and don't know how to prepare it. Any suggestions? Thanks, CB.
I ordered from them before. Loaves are small and bread is very dense. Personally, I rather go without bread. My children ate it but didn't really acquire a taste for it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Satori I use a recipe the kids love that I got off the back of the label of Carnation Low fat evaporated milk. Its not bad, I don't care for it much but dd loves it. (I miss the real thing!) Found the recipe online! http://www.verybestbaking.com/recipe....aspx?ID=28790 it works with any milk sub, we've made it using coconut and rice milk with no problem. I have substituted the evaporated milk with heavy coconut...
Quote: Originally Posted by akmeg I totally understand the feeling bummed thing! I'm perfectly happy eating gluten free about 96% of the time, but there's always that once in awhile occasion that I'm jealous of everyone's goodies! I'm not sure what I'm making yet, but I've been eyeing this frozen pumpkin pie and this crustless pumpkin pie. Don't they look fabulous? the crustless pie looks interesting
gluten free ham, potatoes, mashed and sweet, olives, whole cranberries, pumpkin pie or custard, green bean recipe from above and salad
I pay $18 per gallon for raw grass fed, pastured organic goat milk.
I order bread from Florida.
I have both, Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet on CD.
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