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My first (and the next 5) were all born at home. We're planning our 7th homebirth for November. I think your first birth can dictate alot of how your next pregnancies/births go or how easy/hard it is to get the birth you want for subsequent pregnancies. So I made sure that I was in a good position to have little to no interventions for my first. Homebirth seemed like the best way to accomplish that. My labor went really quick with my first. My attendants walked in just...
I was 22 when my first was born. I'll be 34 when my 7th arrives. Hubby and I looked really young when I was pg with the 1st and I'm sure we got alot of looks. Even with the next ones. If we still get them, I've become immune to them and really don't care what anyone else thinks. Although we probably just get looks now because we have a large family.
We found out 2 wks ago we're having our 6th boy. We do have one girl (2nd born) but we've had all boys since then. In some ways I would have loved a baby girl. But I think I gave up a couple pregnancies ago on having a girl and I'm pretty happy with our boy. But I do remember feeling kind of let down with our 4th and 5th pg. I think it's natural. Now I just get pissed when stupid people have to comment in front of my boys that it's "too bad we're having another boy" as...
I'm 16.5 wks and I've felt very little movement. I remember it being the same with my 6th baby too. I'm not sure if it was an anterior placenta or if there's just so much room now. I know I'm measuring about 4 weeks ahead, so the baby probably has enough room to room w/o me feeling alot.
:( So sad.
My stash is pretty  much set. Most o my diapers from my older kids are in great shape, especially the NB size cause they outgrow them so fast.   I have about 2.5 dozen NB fitteds, Imse Vimse wool and PUL covers and several mama knitted woolies. I would like to make a few more soakers and longies though.   Once they're out of those, I use Muttaqin baby onesize fitteds with Motherease airflow covers or mama knitted woolies. I have a good 4-5 dozen Mutt OS since I...
Well this is #7 and we've kept almost everything from previous babies in the basement. So we're pretty much set. The only must haves are diapers (check), clothes (check) and baby carriers (check). I do have a few new wraps and ringslings on layaway for this baby and I just bought a new infant sized SSC.   There are only a few things I can think of that I'll need to get: ~a carseat for once the baby is out of the bucket style seat. ~If it's a girl, I would like to...
I'd probably find someone else. She seems a bit flaky and you don't want to deal with that when it comes time to deliver the baby.   I agree with what JudiAU said. Try calling your insurance and ask for a GAP extension or waiver for a midwife in your area. I did that with my last baby. Since they don't cover anyone nearby, they will usually give you a waiver for someone in your area that covered are in network prices.
Congrats!! Hoping you have a very healthy and happy 9 months.
I usually try to go when my oldest 4 are in school. Then I just have my little 2 guys with. They did just fine today. One played with the tape measure my midwife has and the other played with a plate she had. Or they sat on my lap. They stayed busy for the time I was there.
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