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I watched that show like twice and stopped. It was just too aggravating.
We have a large garden tub that's great for laboring in. But I've never felt drawn to actually birthing in the water for some reason. Once transition hits, I want nothing more than to be out of the tub and walking around. Usually my labors are so fast my babies are born on the floor where ever I'm standing/kneeling when the urge to push comes on.
I need to email my midwife back but I'll probably go in next week or the following. I usually don't go in to see her till about 12-14 wks. I have a doppler here at home and have been finding the heartbeat fairly easily.
    I think I'm totally going to have to borrow this idea.
Not yet. I'm thinking in the next or 2, I might say something. This is #7 for us so I'm not really expecting to be greeted with alot of positive reaction from people.
:( I'm so very sorry. I had the same thing happen in December.
Since everything is going fine this pregnancy I will wait till the 20 wk u/s. My first 3 I didn't have any u/s. Then my next 3 I had enough spotting/bleeding I ended up with quite a few. I'm ging to avoid them as much as possible this time around. I found the heartbeat with a doppler this weekend so that atleast took care of some worries since I had a loss in december. But overall I think u/s are way overused.
9 weeks here and I've got a firm little belly poking out. I was fluffy to begin with so I already had a pooch from my other 6 babies.
Yes, unfortunately carbs are all that sound good right now since they tend to be bland. I also am drawn to salty carbs. So bad but I figure it will pass soon and I can start eating much better.
So sorry you're dealing with this. Hopefully when you go back there will be a heartbeat. I'll keep my fingers crossed.   Sometimes if you're early enough they can give pills to help speed the m/c along. I m/c'd in December. I was 13 wks when I found out baby's heart had stopped at almost 9 wks along. I had been spotting pretty much all pregnancy. When I went to the ER at 6.5wks, the baby looks great w/ a strong heartbeat. Anyways, at 12 wks my bleeding had turned...
New Posts  All Forums: