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I've usually measured weeks ahead with my last several babies. It does taper of towards the end of the pregnancy. But those first several months I could definitely feel my fundus well above where it should have been. Since we've already had a couple babies, our uterus knows what to do and has no problem stretching out right away. My midwife also think thats why my last 2 babies have taken a bit longer to turn head down since they had a nice roomy womb thank to it...
Name:  Rachel Weeks/Days along: 6w5d Appointments: None yet. I need to call my midwife soon. I did go to the ER yesterday because of spotting. Baby is looking fine. Has nice heartbeat and growing right on track. Symptoms: Super exhausted, mild nausea, sore breasts Food: Just trying to pick healthy meals, I think small snacks keep my nausea away. Exercise: Not much. some walking and hiking with the family. The ER did tell me to "Take it easy"...
I'm going back and forth between constipation to the point of stomach pains. Then several hours later I'll be really loose. It's just craziness. This pregnancy is doing a number on my digestive system.
With my first I was about 16 weeks when I started showing.  All the others have been sooner. I've got some bloating right now, but my jeans still fit ok, so I must not have as much tummy as i think I do. My last pregnancy I looked about 5 months along by 16 weeks.
The brown is usually old blood. Could be from overdoing it or sex. Anything that would break some of the capillaries that are getting extra blood flow these days. It also could still be from the baby burrowing further into the lining. I really wouldn't stress about it unless it starts turning bright red.   I've had some bleeding this pregnancy and had alot of bleeding my last 2. Not all bleeding is a sign of bad things. It can be scary and nerve wracking though. Hope...
We're nearly out of boy names, so that will be difficult. We should probably start thinking now.   We've had a girls name picked out for years now. A version of my grandmother's name. We still need a middle name for it though.
Dealing with the same exact issue here too. My family lives about 1300 miles away and I see them rarely. But they are always so unsupportive about our pregnancies. Even though I come from a very large family. It started with our 3rd because we didn't need another...we had our boy and girl. Then we really hear alot of comments with each one, especially once they find out it's another boy. It like they think we're only having them to get another girl. I could careless. I...
We'll put it off for as long as we possibly can. If we could get way with just sending a picture of the baby to family members in June, I would be happy doing that. But most likely most everyone will find out sometime in December when I can't hide the pregnancy anymore.
My jeans are already snug and I'm only 5.5 weeks along. I've actually lost some weight. But this is baby #7, so I expect I'll show soon and look big.
I hope it's only one. This was a surprise, so I'd rather not end up with 2 surprises at one time.
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