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7 weeks here and no sign of a baby belly. I'm sure it'll be a few more weeks before I see anything.
yes, it does. I love giving birth and i'm sure it's because my homebirths have been so incredible. I'm usually looking forward to my next homebirth within a few hours of giving birth.
I've had my 3 at home. And they all follow about the same pattern for me. I'm usually getting stuff ready and nesting right before I head to bed. Most everything is "ready". I lay down. With my boys my waterbroke within minutes of me laying down for bed. With my DD I actually got a couple hours of sleep before it broke. My mattress didn't get soaked at all. My carpet did when I stood up but nothing my DH couldn't clean up. It was clear and left no stains. Honestly, it...
I read Immaculate Deception II when we were just thinking of TTC #1. Then I read some more mainstream books and I decided I was terrified of what would happen to me in the hospita. It made homebirth so appealing. DH wasn't onboard at first but after doing some reading to him, he changed his mind really quickly.
Well I voted for my first. But my second and third were born at home too. My fourth will be also cause I don't plan on ever delivering in a hospital.
I have a family dr and midwife. They do homebirths and then do our family care now and after the new baby.
I hardly have any. ust some mild nausea and alittle fatigue. But I really don't feel that much different than I do not pg. I really never get very many symptoms with any of my pgs.
My first came out with his hand next to his cheek. So not quite as tough as above the head. But I didn't tear with him.
I thought about it for my first. But his labor was so short (4 hours) and very hard (contractions started at 2-3 minutes apart), I didn't get a chance. My last 2 have been even faster, so no luck there. But I think it's a great idea.
A big round tummy and feeling the baby moving in there.
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