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I'm going with mostly baked goods/fudge/caramel this year.  I always make caramel and fudge anyway.  For my mom, my sister, MIL and my brother's girlfriend, I'm making oven mitts out of scrap fabric and insulbrite batting and packaging them with cute stamped recipe cards.  I hit Hobby Lobby on a day when they had all their stamping supplies on sale and bought some kitchen themed stamps and a big block stamp that has lines for a recipe card.  Some I stamped onto index...
I really like Emberley for a girl.  What about Emory for a boy?  Or Embry?
Yup, that's the one I thought of, too.  Just wanted to make sure it wasn't just MY dirty mind that would come up with that.  I really like the name, but it would be one of the worst nicknames ever. I did know a girl whose name was Barbara Jean who ended up being called BJ. Poor kid.  
We haven't chosen a name yet.  I had one I just KNEW was the one, and DH shot it down immediately.  All of the others that I like he feels very 'meh' about, and the ones he likes I feel 'meh' about, so we haven't talked about it in awhile.  I'm still collecting potential names.  We may go to the hospital with a list that we can at least both agree on, and choose one after the baby is born.    I like Hardin, but I can think of a very unfortunate nickname that could...
My sex drive has been low pretty much the whole time I've been pregnant, but it has taken a nose dive since about the middle of the second trimester (so yeah, I feel totally ripped off by all the pregnancy books, too.  I was looking forward to that!).  That said, I would TOTALLY be up for it (or snuggling and kissing and not DTD) but DH seems to have lost any desire to touch me, which is driving me nuts.  And it is really upsetting me to think that it might get WORSE...
Just an FYI - the current issue of EveryDay with Rachel Ray has a section of budget meals that also freeze well, and instructions on freezing/reheating them.  If you don't want to buy the magazine, you can copy the recipes at the library (if your library carries it).  I tried the turkey tetrezzini last night, and it was yummy.  Only I used chicken instead of turkey.
I'm gong to put on an orange shirt and put a jack o lantern face on the belly.  Nothing too fancy - I'll just be wearing it when I take the kids trick-or-treating.
I don't have any suggestions for gluten or dairy-free, sorry.  What I've got is just run-of-the-mill budgeting stuff that I do.   1.  I write a menu plan for the week before I go shopping.  I make a list, and I try not to deviate from it (unless I go shopping hungry, and then I am weak, weak, weak)  I know how much my family eats, and how much most of the recipes I use make, and so at least half of my meal slots read "leftovers".  When I make out the menu plan, I...
I wish I had a bigger freezer so I could make up a bunch of stuff ahead of time.  I'm limited to three or four meals, tops, though. :)   I just made some twice baked potatoes with the Pioneer Woman's recipe tonight and wow are they good, and she says in the book that they freeze well.  But IMHO you can halve the butter, or even quarter it, without hurting things much.  That recipe is here. 
Ha ha, yeah, if I had a class led by Penny Simkin, maybe it would be worth all the trouble to go. :)
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