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Hemp paper does not yellow. I had no idea!
My challenge is to overcome my fears through faith.
I love Hyland's, especially the teething tablets. They were always on hand when my son was teething, and I will definitely use them again with my new baby! I would love to win the baby basket!
My son is 6 and he behaves horribly if he is allowed any time playing video games or games on our iphones, so we have taken those options away. I see nothing wrong with putting those limits on kids. He is allowed to watch a limited amount of tv. If he watched all he wanted, he would literally never do anything else. You asked the question what does an 8 yr old want/need. I think deep down all kids want attention and love. They may think they want technology more but I see...
My 5 y/o boy loves star wars, angry birds, anything to do with dinosaurs, outdoor toys, puzzles, easy transformers, board games, robots of any kind...books, bubbles, planting things, sports, oh, and he loves Toy Story stuff.
Thanks everyone. I will be back here one day, I hope.
LTB- You are going to love having a little boy. Don't worry, boys are fantastic. I'm excited for you.
It was bad news at my Dr.'s appt. today. There was a sac but nothing in it. Now I'm just waiting on the inevitable.   Would really appreciate any prayers or good thoughts for DH and I as we are devastated, again.
Oh yes. This has been my experience as well. I do have a couple of close friends who understand completely that our money has been tight the past couple of years, or who are in the same boat,  and they are happy to just get together at each other's houses. However, the group of friends we used to spend time with, well, they don't invite us out anymore because we have had to decline so much, and everything is centered around activities that cost money.   One thing I...
LTB, that melted my heart to read that your DD cried when you told her! I love it. Also, I am sorry you are so depressed about the weight. That is one thing I am really worried about as well, since I am starting out 30 lbs heavier than I was with DS. Not good! I'm scared to think how big I may get. I am really happy things are going well and you are feeling ok! Are you finding out what you are having?   Kyamo- Sorry, I forgot that so many midwives and ob's don't...
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