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Dance your own dance! It will feel weird and difficult at first, but trust your instincts. It's hard to distance ourselves from a difficult seminal relationship in order to live a healthy life. We don't have a choice with regard to who our mothers and fathers are, but we always have choices about how we conduct our relationships with them as adults and parents of our own children!
Quote: Originally Posted by RootsAndMarigolds So, while in the hospital i think we checked off two boxes, one for caucasian and one African/ African Amer. Can't be sure exactly what they read, but its funny because even as a "caucasian", my great grandparents (even grands) would not have considered themselves all one category. My dad's Irish family used to call my mom "the Italian girl" and the Germans and Greeks, totally different, but then there is...
Quote: Originally Posted by E.V. Lowi Stop telling me that I'm wrong and maybe we can have a civil discussion. Your dripping sarcasm makes it very unpleasant. Are you are trying to make the elderly responsible for the inhalers of asthmatic children now, too? I find it disturbing that you are trying to demonize the retired and elderly for the budget woes of CA. The statistics I mentioned were for CA- we are discussing Prop 13. Granted there are...
Wow- wonderful! Rock on mommas! I'm new to MDC but from my experience I would like to offer one more thought: most men do not leave a relationship until they have another one lined up. For this reason I agree: get your own financial ducks in a row, and protect yourself and your babies.
I guess I was just inspired by my own gardening!:
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