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Lisa- Where did you get a pattern for pajamas? I have been wanting to make the kids some.
Ive had antibiotics with after both my c-sections and im sure i will again. Im glad i did, i ended up with an infection after i got out of the hosp with Irelend.. I never had any probelms with BF..
Thankfully my dr said i dont have to. I havent had it with either of the other kids and im not too big, and landons actually a little on the small side. SO there not worried!
I am starting i guess pre-school HS with Luke LOL We are going to the zoo and doing "school" on an animal. This month its going to be Monkeys. Do you have any sugg on where to get info on animals and activitys that have to do with them? thanks
This will be our 3rd so we dont need alot. I want to get a glider, and a diaper changing table. And i dont have any CD's for a boy or newborn..so im slowly starting to get them when we have the money. And i want to get a new Sling and bobby
Hi! Im due on around the 20th but we have a c-sec planned for July 12.. I had a uterine rupture with Irelend, and they are delivering at 35 wks.... And were having a boy names Landon
i think she is sooo cute!! I want one LOL
I havent used anything on my scar BUT... My first c-sec scar was horrid...it was soo gross then i had to have it re-opened when Luke was 3 months and that made it waaay worse. But with Irelends c-sec it was great!! My scar looks awesome!! I think the difference is that they used dissolving stitches and no staples. With this c-sec i am requesting that i get the stitches again because it makes such a big diff with the way your scar looks.
I guess i have two "sucess: stories. I was put on bedrest with Luke for 4 months and with Irelend for 5 months. Both kids were born at 39 wks, i was in and out of the hosp with both but not for Long periods of time. Its hard, its really hard but you just have to think of the baby. There pretty sure ill be on bedrest pretty soon with the pg soon, im hoping not but with my track record itll be soon LOL If she needs to talk to anyone you can tell her to email me, at...
I have been reading this thread and i finally read something i can join in with LOL.... I am LDS and have been for almost 2 years, i dont have any doubts. I just wanted to chime in on the birth control etc. We are having a hard time, deciding what to use as birth control after this baby is born. I have hard, very hard pg. With irelend i had a ruptured uterus. We are really contimplating on me getting my tubes tied. Because i dont want to put myself or future...
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