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YAY i almost have dh convinced that we need one LOL... We really do because we dont have a vaccum ours broke... i am IN LOVE with this vacuum!!!
those grab balls are waay cute! I am going to have to try that
I am due July 12... I am having a boy, and i dont have 2 newborn dipes coming and that it DH just had surgery so hopefully when he goes back to work i can start buying some for him LOL
I havent found any real stats for a Post UR baby .... I had a UR with my daughter Irelend in 3/03 and i am due 7/04. Things are going good so far, thankfully when we had my u/s last month my placenta is postterior which is great becuase that means that it cannot attach to any of the scars. From what i have heard thats another big risk. On a UR yahoo group theres been 10 or so ladies have Post ur babies. And there was one that had a ur with that post ur baby...
I use a bag thar i made. I have 2 sizes a small one which usually holds toys and food, then i carry my purse/diaper bag With diapers and my stuff
we used to camp in a tent, but last year we bought a pop-up. I love it
I dont have any yet, but im trying to save some money to buy them. I saw this soaker on ebay and thought it was sooo cute. To bad its to small for Irelend. I just thought i would show you guys too LOL I have never seen any with that honeycomb look. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...category=26267
I have tons of scraps from bags i make.. i decided to make Irelend a blankie quilt... Heres a few pic http://img23.photobucket.com/albums/...ltirelend4.jpg http://img23.photobucket.com/albums/...lex/quilt3.jpg
We got this nasty vaccum as a wedding present and it recently died. So we are in the market for a new vaccum, i saw this post and checked the dyson vaccum out it looks neat LOL I like the idea that is it good for allergy sufferes because my kids have ashtma... Do you have to replace the filters or "wash" them? How often do you have to wash the filters? In our old vaccum you did and the stupid thing never worked! In the specs it says it has a "Dyson-designed floor...
Dawn Luke- emergency c/b Irelend- Trial VBAC, but ruptured emergency c/b Landon Lee- Scheduled c/b July 12 Or sooner if things get rough. I agree, i hope one day all mothers can come to term with medical neccessary c/b, but in all reality that will never happen. I wanted a VABC so bad with Irelend, i got to pushing when we "discovered" that i ruptured. Although looking back there were some signs that pointed to that, we went to the hosp that morning because i...
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