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I am new this year at gardening! We bought our house last oct, and it has two greenhouses, we are changing it to one large one. I have never greenhouse gardened before. Are there any tips?? We cant start until apr/may because we still have 2 ft of snow I have NO clue where to start...should we go ahead and start seeds in our basement? Were clueless, any good books or websites would be appreciated! Thanks
Guess what were having???? A BOY!!!! I guess Luke was right, he has been telling us since day 1 it was a bother LOL.... They werent going to do an ultrasound today but because of some of the pains i have been having they decided to. Im glad We got some great pics!! Things went well, i am 18 wks (for some reason i thought i was farther who knows!) The c-sec is scheduled app for July 12 unless something happens before then. I will go in on July 11 and get an...
LOL, i live in Marbleton Wyoming.... its a town of about 300 ppl (max) we love it here. We dont have a ranch but some day we hope to own one LOL... There is a small grocery store here but the prices are outrageos!! So we usually drive to slc (4 hrs) or rock springs (2.5 hrs) but i go to my dr in SLC so we usually just grocery shop while were there. We do our shopping once a month and every once in a while we will do it twice a month. I still havent figured out the...
I had found this really neat grocery check list and then i lost it Does anyone have any ideas? We go 4 hrs to go grocery shopping so i hate missing things LOL.... Thanks
If i were you i would drive to alberque (sp) to have the baby just in case. Then you couldnt risk that the baby might be away from you. I know ti sucks driving, i drive 4 hrs to go to my dr and have the baby. ANd did with my daughter. Its the closest hosp LOL... Just an idea I hope things settle down and get better for you
I have been there too, with my son it was for 3months with irelend i was on bedrest for 4 months And we are suspecting ill be on bedrest soon....contrax have already started i go in on thu and we shall see. I have never seen that sidline group thats really neat if you need anyone to talk to just holler!
Im not posting this for a debate... im just wondering how it was.... If something happens and my uterus ruptures again, or if the placenta attaches to the scar or if my uterus is really thin. We are going to get my tubes tied, for my health. I have hard pregnancys in the first place plus all the other complications i have that we think its best. Im just wondering how the procedure was, does it make the recovery of a c-sec harder? Are your periods diff after? If...
aww those are soo cute!
12 UBCPF- premium 12 CPF- Premium 6- Infant CPF 2-buckeye bottoms 2- fern& faenies 2- fuzzi bunz 1- HH 1-fitted Lots of soakers
I have been on terbutiline and brethine with both of my kids for months. And im sure i will be with this one also... the side effects really suck, but in my case it inabeled me to have both kids full term.. and hopefully this one too I like brethine better, its the same just a diff brand but it doesnt make you feel as spacy as the terb. I hope things get better, if you need to talk just holler!
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