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We looks bare LOL I have 5- pockets 18-prefolds and about 7- soakers
Heres a pic i took of Irelend with it this morning, she loves it! Although She was bawling anytime Luke would touch it, so i guess i have to start his LOL http://img23.photobucket.com/albums/...ltirelend4.jpg
This is a blankie quilt i made for Irelend, she has been dragging around all the old burb rags we have and it looked awful LOL... So i thought that i would use all the scraps i have to make her a small blankie... Its not perfect, ill show you the BIG mistake LOL... But i guess i cant complain, its only my 3rd quilt... And it cost me NOTHING!! I have TONS of flannel scraps and thats what i used, and i had the backing for another quilt, but oh well this one is more...
OMG that is soo cute!
Hi, im realitivly new here I just found this thread, i am due 7-20 Although the baby will be born via c-sec sometime in June. My next app is 3-4 and i am excited, i will be 20 wks i will get an ultrasound that day, im hoping we can find out the sex. And i also get a 3-d ultrasound sometime this month My son luke was c-sec and i tried a VBAC with Irelend, got to puching when we discovered my uterus ruptured so i had an emerg c-sec. I am very thankfull that were still...
Does anyone have any good Moose recipes? We usually have 1-3 difff types of wild meat each year. Last year we had deer, this year we have moose. I have tons of deer recipes but cant find any diff and good moose ones... Any ideas?
I would love to see them. I want my next project to be making curtains for my whole house But i dont have any patterns in mind yet
I agree I think it would be nice and soft... I make bags out of flannel 100% and my bag from two years ago still looks good and its soft!
Quilting isnt that hard... My mom is a wuilter so she taught me, but i have also taken classes from my local quilt shop (coinsadectly taight by my mom LOL) And there really informative! I would suggest gettting a begginer quilt book, Or taking a class.
I am getting more nervous for my upcoming c-section... I have never had a scheduled c-sec. Is the recovery time any easier, do you feel better? I hope things go better LOL... With luke i was on labour for 8 hrs then a c-sec and wth Irelend i was in labour for 24hrs then a rupture then a c-sec... My next app is on thu (next) and i am going to be talking to the dr about the c-sec and stuff, as i get closer im getting anxious LOL
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