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I don't have a 'normal' photo of Hazel available to upload, so here is a 'covered in yogurt' photo from July:  
I love how much easier it is to wear babies than struggle with strollers, and I honestly feel a bit smug when walking past stroller parking at museums, zoos, restaurants.
Hello, everyone!   No school this week for the preschoolers, so I have more unstructured time to check in with y'all.  I actually really, really like the community and structure that comes with my boys' preschool, but it really interferes with DD's feeding and napping- any time we're in the car, she'll go to sleep, and sometimes get into such a deep sleep that we miss a feeding, which makes the rest of the day out of whack.   She is 8 weeks tomorrow (Tuesday),...
In my babies, that was a sign of insufficient milk intake, though my breasts don't work like those of 99% of mothers'. I suggest a weight check.
Here we are at 1 week, and then 3 weeks =)
Nukuspot- In my experience, being able to put a baby down to nap/sleep has as much to do with the baby's personality as with how the parents try to put the baby down. My middle child would not sleep on his own for anything. We worked through "The No Cry Sleep Solution" for months and months before we got to a 'reasonable' point, and over a year to reach a good place. My first baby and now my newest baby were much more willing to be put down to sleep.
Ha! I bought a book the first time around. It is by Gymboree, called Baby Play or something like that. It gives play ideas for each 3 month increment for the first year. It is also really handy for showing kids what to expect a newborn/infant to be able to do/not do.
Oh, and thank you, Miranda, for the encouragement- I've said very similar things to friends, but being on this side sure changes everything! I'm ready to just drop the prescription pills and pump, and switch to bottles most of the time =P I think in one more week, that'll all make more sense, though.
Oh, wow- I hadn't thought of that! Frozen stuff can be shipped in coolers with dry ice (that's how we get our meat), but I hadn't thought of it for milk. Let me see if my midwives know anything about where to get the supplies for this sort of thing. Y'all are amazing for even offering! If the cost isn't prohibitive, I'll pm you.
So . . . breastfeeding issues. I am at the point where we will soon have to decide what is worth continuing and what is worth stopping. My midwife and her assistant (a student midwife who is also a LC) have been hugely encouraging and endlessly helpful. They agree that my supply issues are glandular rather than hormonal. I'm on domperidone, more milk special blend, placenta pills, and lecithin. I *should* be pumping every 2 hours during the daytime, but that just...
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