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The first part sounds like a baby pressing on the nerve that tells your brain you have to pee. I often get cervix twinges, and I think this baby just likes playing with his/her hands around there. I'm trying to coach the baby that hands belong on the belly for birth! I get pains along my groin where my legs meet the crotch when I have been squatting too much or too low- it is so easy to do as loose as everything feels. It goes away after less than a day, though.
So, my contractions are not often or regular, but they are getting more interesting- feeling like a muscle stretched first thing in the morning. Had my first 'inducement' acupuncture appt this morning (2 more scheduled next week) after a great yoga class. I don't have a hard deadline- if I make it to 42 weeks, again, I have to go in for tests with a very mama friendly OB with whom my HB midwife has a great relationship. If the placenta is still holding up, and if...
Yay!!! So, so happy to hear you're finally cuddling your baby at home =D
Congratulations! Sorry to hear about the episiotomy, but it sounds like it was an incredibly stressful period of time!
Awww! Such a wonderful birth story! And wow- that is a thick head of hair!!!
Ascher, what happens at 42 weeks? Are you automatically induced at the hospital? Or will they let you go a bit longer with tests to verify the placenta is still in good shape? That is why my midwives were willing to break my water- another day, and I would have had to go to the hospital anyway for a medical induction. Plus, I was already quite dilated.
With DS2, I started natural induction stuff at 41.5 weeks, and he arrived at 42+2 only after AROM. This time around, I'm starting acupuncture at 40+2, and I'll begin other options at 41 weeks. As I have learned as a parent, it doesn't work to push our kids when they are not ready, but at the same time, physiological systems aren't perfect. There are so many variabilities, and I've learned that my body needs external help with some things that come naturally to others.
I am SOOO with you there! DS1 was 37 weeks, DS2 42 weeks, so I know it it a total toss-up, and I wasn't *expecting* an arrival by now, but man- I am so ready to move on to the next stage!!!
My midwife is even encouraging swimming, and my DD was yesterday. Go! Have a great time!!!
I would definitely call!! I would also call whomever is planned to watch your kids while you're in labor. If it is possible to rest, this is the time to be doing that.
New Posts  All Forums: