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Pff, my kids are 5 and 8 and are constantly up and down, showing tricks, going to the bathroom, hanging off their chairs upside down, singing songs, playing with ustensils, it drives me nuts sometimes. Ds1 is getting a bit better about it, but for ds2 we have to remind him to stay seated and practically talk every bite into his mouth (unless he really really loves it or is really really hungry..)
I don't know what to do with this kid anymore. He can be soo loving and sweet and cuddly, and then out of the blue turn into an out-of-control mean child. He might decide he wants to cake for lunch and have a full-out tantrum (I thought we were done with those at two). Many episodes are provoked by playing with 7 yo ds1  and disagreeing on something. He often hurts ds1 now, by kicking, hitting, pushing, pinching and today he bit him. Twice! He used to do this every now...
Well, I can only speak for myself (and fwiw, I'm not German), but in our case it wasn't about what is correct or not, but what was the pronunciation we like. And yes, we didn't care about the spelling as much. And yes, we do prefer that our kids get called the same thing anywhere they go. Both my husbands and my name are all over the place pronunciation-wise, even in our own countries, and we wanted to avoid that for our kids.
Since you mentioned Rohan, an Irish as well as Indian name, I just want to throw Ki(e)ran in. it's also Irish, and with out the e Indian if I'm not mistaken. And it's our youngest son's name, so clearly we picked names because we liked them and not for cultural significance (kids are Filipino-Dutch) 
How about spelling it Yonas, so Americans will get it right? We named our oldest Yanek (and not Janek) exactly for that reason. Of course, now that we're in Belgium everyone wants to call him Yannick, but they learn :-)
Tough one! In this particular example, you may suggest physically removing (in a gentle way of course) your dd to keep her from spitting again, while saying something like "Spitting is not nice. if you can't stop, you'll have to go sit -wherever- for a little bit". Heck, maybe she would like to spit at an acceptable target in the yard or so? We've been lucky with grandparents - we basically told them we don't do time-outs, punishments, etc. and they're pretty easy going...
Yep, I think yoga or other forms of exercise might help, and/or maybe you literally need some sunshine (or at least fresh air). So yes, make a detour, but also try to carve some time out of your workday to step outside, even only for 5 minutes to pick up the mail or whatever. At the very least it's a harmless and cheap thing to try
Thanks for your replies. Swd, I'm sorry you had a rough time going through treatments.. I think that we've already settled the issue of fertility treatments - I don't want any more (even though I only had an IUI, I thought it was awful). I had always thought that we would keep trying (with or without help) until I'm menopausal, but now I find myself wondering if there shouldn't be a clear "cut". I guess, as it seems less and less likely that it'll still happen, I'm...
We've been trying to have a third child since ds2 was born. I had 2 m/c after ds1, 3 after ds2, the last one after IUI. Ds2 is almost 4, I'm almost 40 and I'm starting to think I should count my blessings and quit. But I'm afraid of how it'll feel to make that "official". Did anyone decide to quit and then start using some form of birth control again?
I'm sorry this happened. It does sound a little strange. Did I understand correctly that the position you interviewed for was not actually filled (or at least had 4 more similar ones open)? I would call them and ask them, maybe feigning ignorance and ask if there was a mistake Good luck, with this job, or another one in the future!
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