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With ds1 I quit pumping at work at about 12 months (gradually reduced number of pumping sessions) and he kept nursing til he was almost three. (ds2 was a whole different story, quit nursing early for various reasons)
I planned to be off about 1 week before due date with both, and they both came early, so no time off. I did choose for it to be that way, to maximize time off after the baby got here, but if I had eleven months total, I would definitely take off at least a month before. Those last few weeks I was constantly frustrated about even having to work at all!
Good luck!
My response is tainted by my own experience, but you can't count on planning that baby when it's convenient/ economically feasible, so that's where my priority would be. Also, although it might not be easy to find a job (if and when you need to), it's not the end of the world to be working, and have your kid(s) be in someone elses care for those hours. Many of the mamas on this forum will attest to that, heck, some of us even enjoy it So, maybe it's from a different...
My dh and both kids have dual Filipino/Dutch citizenship, ds1 is also a US citizen (was born there). Other than the travel/practical issues now, I think it allows them more opportunities later in life, should they wish to study/work/live elsewhere. Also, like a pp said, I think it's important to validate in a way their multicultural heritage. The reasoning for my dh to apply for Dutch citizenship (I'm Dutch) is mostly so he would have all rights to work and stay here,...
We have someone who picks up ds1 from school, ans she (or our other "occasional sitter") sometimes watches him during vacations. We're lucky in that my mom can sometimes take off work and stay with them too. Also, we often swap with other working parents, where everyone takes 1-2 days off and we watch each other's kids on those days. Lastly, especially in the summer, we use day camps sometimes. I have to say, moving to Europe helped, since we have lots more vacation days
I've felt that way before But I think you could still set some goals, depending on your long term plans and what time frame you're looking at now. Your goals could be toward a potential future job - unless you're planning on never working again - for instance a course, project that will expand your options now or in the future. If you may still be here a while (not sure if you're pregnant already or planning to be?), why not think of goals that will make your current...
Thanks for your replies. I discussed it with dh again, and we're going to schedule an appointment. I hope I get some answers and an "action plan".
If this is better posted elsewhere, please feel free to move.. This is my story: I'm 38, have had 2 normal pregnancies, 4 m/c, all first trimester, 3 of those on progesterone supplementation. Work-up after first 2 m/c was negative. Luteal phase is short, 8-10 days. I use progesterone some cycles, but don't really believe it does anything. I use low dose aspirin, and Vitex. Last m/c was 9 months ago. At that time my ob didn't think I needed to see a specialist, since I...
I woh 4 days a week. For ds1 we do playdates usually 1-2x month, on my day off. He goes to swim class once a week, but there's not much socializing involved. He and I play in the water before and after class. For ds2 nothing as of yet. Once or twice a month we'll get together with friends or family (mostly with kids) one weekend day, more often in the summer. I'm certainly not looking to fill the schedule up, as others said, family time is a priority.
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