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We have the same problem in the daytime for naps and in the evening (so we just take turns holding him), but at night we avoid it by just taking him in the bed with us. Is that an option for you, or does that not work either? We get a feeling Yanek just wants to be close to a warm body..
Thanks a lot everyone! I guess we'll just follow his lead and see where we end up.. Yes, I am building up a bit of a stash; at this point not enough to consider donating though. Maybe later on, do you know where to find info re. where/how?
I'm gone about nine hours (no choice for right now). Why so suddenly and drastically though? I do nurse about every two hours the rest of the time, including at night (family bed). Should I start thinking about solids?
Hi there! New to this forum in need of some advice. My five month old son is exclusively breastfed, with pumped milk 4 days a week without any problems until this week. He has refused to drink any bottles at all, both at daycare and with my husband. He does not seem ill, or even hungry, and drinks well at the breast in the evenings and nighttime, normal wet diapers. We've tried different batches of milk, different positions, temperature, nipples, bottles, even...
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