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I followed the directions. We are using OM for 1st grade and loving it!!
I am also in the Pacific NW and no heat for us yet either!! We've only had a couple of cold nights but I just put extra blankets on the bed. Hoping to hold off until December.
Ok I looked into the Singapore books and I'm confused. There is a workbook, textbook, instruction manual, word problem book, and a math practice book for each level. Do I need all of this? What's the difference btwn level A and B? I want to get started but want to make sure I buy the right books. Thanks
Thanks for all the suggestion I will look into Singapore Math. What about Aleks? I had my dd take the assessment there and it looks like she knows a little about all the different concepts but none of the categories are filled in all the way. Based on the comments about Everyday Math from the site above that is about right. Just teach the kids a little bit of each concept and somehow eventually they will figure out the rest!
My dd is in 6th grade this year and has been in PS all along. This year her teacher sends home math homework every night and every night dd struggles. The teacher lets them use a calculator in class(which I do not agree with) and if she does the problems with the calculator everything is fine but when I ask her to do it on paper she has no clue how. Right now they are doing fractions and dividing. My dd cannot do division by hand at all. I emailed the teacher and she said...
1st quarter unemployment rate for our county was 13.9%. Luckily my dh still has a job but we constantly worry he will be included in the next round of layoffs.
1.) How many people are eating? 2 adults, 10yo, 8yo, 5yo and a 2yo so 6 total 2.) Are you in a low/mid/high COL area? mid to high 3.) Do you recieve WIC to supplement it? yes 4.) Do you garden or get free produce from others? No we live in an apartment with no outside space 5.) Do you can/dry/freeze/preserve food? I occasionally will get a good deal on produce from the farm stand that I will can but not often 6.) Do you shop with coupons?...
Quote: Originally Posted by mouso Thanks for posting these. Read the first- it both clarified things I didn't understand and pissed me off even more, if that was possible. I completely agree with you. I am so angry right now I could spit nails!!!! Why are we letting them get away with this????
Quote: Originally Posted by Freefromitall I'd patch. For the kiddos, I use "cute" flannel fabric. From their old recieving blankets actually For h, I just do boring denim patches. He's opposed to going to work with little ducks parading around his knees. OMG I just spit my tea all over the computer. The thought of dh walking around with ducks on his knees is hilarious!!
I would patch. You're not alone my 8yr old blows out his pants as well, left knee is always the 1st to go.
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