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Hi ladies, I think I may belong here....I know I must be the oldest mom here :), I am shocked I may be pregnant, I will be making an appt very soon to confirm this.... I don't know if I even am due in August, assuming I have not miscarried the little one. (yes, a lil paranoid since it's happened before). Does anyone know the whereabouts of a due date if a pregnancy test is barely visible on Dec 3rd, becomes a bit more noticeable on Dec 6th and is clear as day on Dec...
Katie I am soooo glad everything turned out great at the end! I (we) were so worried about you and your lo. He is absolutely adorable ! Can't wait to hear the full story.
How wonderful !! Soundslike a great birth indeed! And the name I love it too !!
Praying for you Katie!
that was a great story!That is amazing and great hospital btw that you could get in the shower when you got there at 9 cm dilated!!! I say this because I, like you, got to my hospital at 9cm as well and I had to lay in bed....I guess if I had caused a huge fuss I would have been 'allowed' to get in the shower....but at that point I was following what they said..... the picture is beautiful!!!! Congratulations!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Katie34 I don't know what to do, you guys! All I WANT to do is tune everyone else out and all the fear out and put my faith back in God and trust. aramat- how do I let go of this struggle with the midwives? I really want to but I am not sure how. I feel bad if I let other people make me feel scared. And the thing is- the only options are either let it be or induce. And I am not inclined to induce. So I may as well trust...
Congratulatons!!! My baby was born on the 12th so almost the same day!1 I also had GD and like you it caused no problems at the end thank goodness!! I am so glad you got the vbac you wanted!!!
Congratulations!!! Our boys share a birthday!!!
My baby is sleeping mostly thru the night but I have him next to me so if he is not nursing he is using my boob as his pillow.....he does wake for a few minutes to go back to sleep and I hardly notice because he will either latch on or just settle back to sleep.....don't know if its feasible for you to put baby next to you at bedtime???? This is the only way we both can sleep thru the night ....good luck!
Patrick Brooklyn, 8lbs 1 oz, perfectly healthy My baby boy was born on February 12, at 6:16am...will post story later. He is doing great, nursing well and his siblings love him to pieces!!!
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