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I just watched the movie recently along with reading Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food. Honestly, who do you trust anymore? Then entire movie just made me sick. Thanks for the chart wife&mommy.
I have a picky eater too. Once I stopped the formula and gave her milk it got much better. I gave her the food first, then offered the milk later during the meal. That helped too. Keep offering the foods (you mentioned fruit) because their tastes change so quickly. A food needs to be offered several times before a child decided they do or do not like it. Good luck! I am sure your child will be fine and healthy.
Simple living for me at this point in my life is more about where I am spending my money, schedules and my mind set. Someone mentioned trying to live in the moment and that is exactly what I am trying to do. I am hoping that if I begin to change my attitude and habits about life first that the clutter, my house will begin to show the difference. (I do realize that I have to physcally do the work, but I am not tackling it all at once). I already am lucky enough to be...
This is a great thread! I am very interested in this topic.
As a teacher, I would love to have the concerns brought to me so I can correct them. I am only human, but I do like to apologize and correct my mistakes. Choosing certain colors? Wow sorry you have to deal with that. I personally love a little creativity! Can I just add one thing as the teacher? I am sure many of you are the parents who read everything that comes home, however... Please read the notes I send home and especially permission slips. I have...
We have the Wii and really like it. At first I was completely against video games in the house but I warmed up to the Wii. I do like the Wii sports, Wii fit and the other games of that nature. We tend to have a great deal of family fun playing some of these games. We stay away from violent games. However, I would agree that it helped us to set up boundries right from the start. I think teaching DS that you can play these game in moderation is good. We use a...
I love the 15 minute idea! That seems to be all the time I have right now that I am back to working full time.
I love this! I would like to continue what I have started over the summer. I had a rummage sale (baby sale) and sold so many of my things that have been sitting in the basement. For example baby clothes from DS who is now 6 years old. I am going to continue cleaning out the boxes in the basement and donate, sell, or get rid of anything we don't need/use anymore. I like the one box a week idea...I will start with that.
Well, I guess I am the one being too judgemental. I am wrong and sorry if I offended anyone. Thank you for all of your comments.
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