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Thanks for coming over Sarah it was great to meet you and your sweet girl Pox are all done in our home! :
yep, looks like pox to me! The first few spots were in his diaper area so I was concerned it may be just diaper rash, but hes got 4 on his scalp now, and one on his temple, and two on his back. We are going to be sticking close to home all week, for obvious reasons. I live in Erie, which is North of Denver. Just PM me for more info.
there is a possibility my 10 month old has them now, he's got a few spots I'm watching, I'll know more tomorrow.
I've heard anywhere from 9 to 21 days for spots to appear after exposure. For us, it took 4 exposures to "catch" it, and her spots appeared on about the 17th day or so after the last one. Day 3 now, shes got maybe 75 spots or so, most are pretty small. One appeared on her palm, that was kinda strange... Most are on her trunk area and legs, a few on her face and behind her ears. Shes still in a mostly good mood about it all, thinks this is "kinda fun and silly to have...
Quote: Originally Posted by michray E has one kickazz immune system, apparently! I hope she has a mild case LOL, LMK if ya want strep HAHAHAHAHA! LOL I know! Guess it was the nearly 4 years of BF Shes got a pretty mild case right now, last night we counted about 50 spots before bed, shes in good spirits and has been spending her time painting rocks outside and planting flowers in the yard I think we'll pass on the strep though! ...
isn't it funny how it took us THIS long to catch it, from your first exposure Mich! :
thanks We'd love to have people over, who want to catch them too! I promise we don't bite
I don't know if this is the appropriate place, so I apologize if not... but I did see a few posts "looking for pox" so I figured its ok to post that we have em. My 5yr old has the pox, spots appeared yesterday. We are ok with a pox party... Feel free to PM me if you have any "questions"
I just wanted to say I've been to Olney... many many times! My brother and niece and nephew actually live there... we used to go to an awesome park and hang out with the white squirrels
Quote: Originally Posted by fallriverfox I think I am! My water broke at 1:30 this morning! : woohoo!!! (sorry to crash your DDC, I've been watching for a post!) Let me know if you guys need anything, food, laundry help, babysitting for big sister... anything at all Heres to hoping you guys are cuddling a sweet baby by now! :
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