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That is fascinating to me!  I am also the youngest and very ticklish.  I remember my parents thinking there was actually something wrong with me because I was so ticklish.   Bailey, Is your body still trying to decide on labor or has it stopped for now?
EP, I LOVE the photo shoot ideas! I hope you'll share them when they are done.   Jac, So glad you are making some progress on things!  That's great!  Funny how party numbers can sneak up like that.  I always think, "oh it's just family coming.  Then I realize that makes 17 of us!    Jess, Those are adorable!  I just realized that the 24th (Your c/s date) is next week.  Wow!    TJ, How great to be ready and i bet that was fun getting everything you needed! ...
Michelle, Thank you for posting the sample birth plan links.  Even going into my 3rd c-section (the first two were NOT planned) those were really helpful.  
I had a faint line and no real symptoms either.  I'm due in a month and everything is healthy!
So cute y'all!
NS, You are so brave to have people over but I know the motivation is good!  Hopefully you can just do some easy things for food and others will help!   I am with you on feeling torn on being checked.  On the one hand I am curious but I know it means nothing.  For me, since I am having the c-section, I actually want to have some labor first I actually sort of want to have my membranes swept.  The laboring first is good for the baby but since my hospital doesn't allow...
Katie, Praying everything goes well either way!
Congrats Paceman!  So precious! 
Katie, I hope your NST went well today.  How funny that you DH is so worried and you aren't!    Jac, I'm glad you're ok and that you have heard from most of your friends.  Sorry that's it's so hard to get things done!  I have days where I can and days where I am just too tired.  Everything takes me longer though.  I hope you can get things squared away and your sinus infection passes quickly!  I have been trying to stock our freezer as my kids have food allergies too...
Congrats!  So glad everyone is doing well, soaking up every minute of those sweet snuggles!
New Posts  All Forums: