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Congrats!  That is great news!
Still not much action in the boob department here either.  Maybe a tiny bit but not much.  Wish it would hurry up!    I changed into different jeans this afternoon and wow, can't get anywhere near buttoning these ones.  I made a Belly band a few weeks ago but I sized it wrong so I gave it to a friend.  I need to make another one now because maternity jeans are still too big.
GF baked goods can be really good, I think it's just matter of finding the right blend and recipes that work for you.  I might not be a ton of help as my kids are also egg-free which changes things a lot.
So cute jeanblu!  I felt like i was pooching out then MS hit.  Boo.  I can wear my jeans buttoned again in the morning.  I'd much rather have a bump than MS.
We bought at (used) Sienna a couple months ago and we love it.  We knew we would be adding another and we take a long road trip to see my parents each summer.  It was awesome to have the extra room on the trip.  We also have a family member who cannot drive and we wanted to be able to fit our family and her.  DH is so in love with the minivan, it freaks me out.
I am personally more comfortable with foil treatments during pregnancy (like highlights as opposed to all over color) because there is less skin exposure.  I am not kidding myself, I know there is some chemicals absorbed but it at least reduces it.  I don't have experience with Henna.  I do know that in cosmetology school they said that there can be strange reactions between the henna and dye when you go to color your hair again but, I've never experienced it personally.
I skip the flu shot (ok, I skip all of them).  I personally believe the risks out weigh the alleged benefits.
NOT getting it.  The risk (In my opinion) FAR out weighs any alleged benefit.  Especially at 36 weeks, you will not be pregnant through the majority of flu season any way.  I would take other measures to build your immune system and skip the shot. 
There is a mom I know that has adopted a number of FAS kids and she said that  in her research she has found that it seems some people are just more genetically prone to FAS than others.  I will have a sip here or there and have had a glass of wine with each of my mine in an effort to relax in pre-labor.  That's about all I am comfortable with personally.  I cook with it freely. I needed to color my hair when I got my BFP.  Things are getting scary with my new growth here...
    The only thing i can think of is some roasted peppers cut with a lot of carrots.
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