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Ha!  That's funny!
OK, wow.  busy thread... Add us to the "cosleeping doesn't work long term"  club.  We have a king size bed now (we had a tiny double bed before) so it might work a little better this time but I am such a light sleeper and my babies have both had reflux.  They can't nurse laying down so it just doesn't go so well.  I just have them sleep in a bassinet by our bed.   Totally agree on "the stuff".  I figure boobs and diapers are really the essentials.  Some clothes,...
Last night we had oven fries, roasted broccoli and some left-over pork that I had DH make some bbq sauce for.  I have been trying to get the kids to eat the pork but they didn't like it but DHs sauce was a hit.    Tonight....uh.  Maybe some rice, green beans and ?????  Chicken sounds acceptable but I only have whole chickens and they take a long time to defrost.  We are keeping things pretty simple (and bland) here until I can handle more. 
Twilight, Hooray! I am glad it went so well.  Are you still deciding on whether or not to continue working after baby comes?   Bailey, I think you mentioned that you were on Zofran.  Does is make your head feel a little funny?  I am not sure if my body is just still readjusting, it's a pregnancy thing or the Zofran but I am still a touch light headed.  This eating thing is great though.  I really do like being able to keep food in me.
Oh no J, I bet that was really scary!  I hope you are feeling better now!   Bailey B, that must have been such an awful feeling.  I am so glad they figured out what it really was.   Twilight,  How do you think telling your boss will go?   My morning sickness had been really awful since Sunday night and I ended up really dehydrated last night.  We went to the hospital and got some fluids and Zofran.  I've never had that happen with my previous pregnancies.  I am feeling...
Haha!  That is too cute!
Thanks.  I haven't had it happen again.  Just regular morning sickness awfulness now.  I hate trying to be a mom and wife with morning sickness because i frankly just can't.  I had to call a friend last night to go to the grocery store for me.  DH had to work late and we were out of things.  I am so weak because I can't eat much so it just makes it hard to do much at all. I don't know how you ladies deal with morning sickness who are working.  You are amazing!
Due dates are an estimate anyway.  I think it's very typical to show more and experience things sooner the second (and more) times around.  I would also never go off someone else idea of how "big you look".  There ideas are so skewed and every woman will show differently.  I spent my entire 2nd pregnancy with my MIL asking how I was measuring and commenting on how big I was-I'm just not a tiny pregnant lady.
Morning sickness has kicked in and it's been rough.  Sunday I felt pretty ok but yesterday was awful.  I felt so sick and so week all day.  I had to call a friend and have her go to the grocery store for me because I just couldn't do it.  Funny, my family still wants to eat.  I feel so bad for DH when he has so come home and clean up the kitchen because it's all I can do to get things to the counter.
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