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N, Sounds like things are going well and you are doing exactly what you should be- loving on your sweet family!    Jac, I'm sorry your prodromal labor is dragging on.  That's so exhausting!  I hope things will go quickly (but not too quickly) once they get started.   Pastor, I'm so glad you are feeling peaceful about baby coming when he needs to!  That always seems to be my biggest battle at this point-just finding peace in the right timing!  Hopefully things...
Cady, that sounds AWESOME!  I have not made everything on my original plan but I am pretty happy with what I have stowed away.  I have some stuffed peppers, chili, spaghetti sauce, marinated chicken thighs, chicken soup, burger patties,  garbanzo beans, granola bars, rice.  A sweet friend made us some stew.  I froze packets of fruit and carrot juice to dump in the blender for smoothies.  I want to make a few gluten free pizza crusts and muffins to have ready in the...
Congrats Farmer Mama!  Hope all is well!  (Just a little early, right?)
Here are a few of the posts from last weeks thread:  
HOw cute!
I still love listening to my labor playlist that I made 3 years ago when I get stressed out!
OM, I know what you mean about running out of energy in the afternoon!  I have all these lovely ideas of things to do to prepare and only get through about 3.  Hope your GBS goes well.   I'm feeling a bit conflicted in my mind.  My section is scheduled for the 15th.  For the most part I am feeling peaceful that it will be when this babe is born and just wanting to soak up this next week with the girls and DH.  Picnic with friends, finger painting, glitter, books,...
As we draw closer to meeting our little ones and many are arriving I thought it might be fun to share the spaces we have for babies.  I know that many are planning on co-sleeping and some have nurseries but it's fun to see either way! So here's the spot to share pics of whatever you chose!    I'm mostly done and will try to get picks up soon!
Sorry if I don't do so well on personals, my head has been a bit foggy by the time to sit down and respond.    This final stretch is always interesting!  It's fun to see the babies and birth stories.    TJ, Mine high too but I don't really know that it means anything.  Everyone just progresses differently.  Some women walk around low and dilated for a month and some are shut tight until they go into labor.    I had a little panic this morning.  There was a...
Congrats Bailey!  So glad everything is going well!
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